Switch 5.0 Released August 24, 2021

  • 1 yr ago

Link to PDF Release Notes


Switch 5.0

• ProRes RAW decoding (Pro)
• DCP/IMF Playback (Pro)
• Hardware accelerated decoding (all versions)
• Reduced scale decoding option (all versions)
• Ability to export media as TIFO (Plus and Pro)
• Ability to skip indexing for faster media load times (all versions)
• Dolby-E passthrough via SDI (Pro)
• Support for up to 64 tracks of audio (all versions)
• Switch Engine API available for 3rd party integration (Pro)
• Improved verbosity of displayed alerts from Vidchecker (Pro)


• Improved readability in Dark Mode (all versions, Mac)
• AC-3 loudness measurement accuracy improved (Pro)
• V-Chip code detection accuracy improved (all versions)
• Multiple improvements and fixes to Telestream Media Framework (all versions)

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