Best HDMI setting for camcorder output to WC?

I am live streaming using a Panasonic HC X920 camcorder. I'm inputting the video to my 2019 16" MacBook Pro via an UltraStudio Mini Recorder.  Black magic tech support informs me that the Mini Recorder only supports video up to 1080p30 and not 1080p60.  On my camcorder there are 4 options for HDMI quality output:  Auto, 1080p, 1080i, and 540p.  I know in general it is best to input progressive video for live streaming.  But when I select 1080p as the HDMI output I get no video signal in WC.  I believe that "Auto" defaults to 1080i.  I get a good video signal in WC when I choose either 1080i or 480p as the HDMI output on the camcorder.  Since I can't get a video signal when I choose 1080p as the HDMI output I assume that this is 1080p60 which the Mini Recorder does not support.

What do you suggest I select on the camcorder for HDMI output?  Should I use 1080i or 540P?  I'm assuming that when I input 1080i, WireCast reformats this to 1080p for live streaming. My 8 core computer has plenty of cpu power to handle whatever I throw at it.  So this shouldn't be a limiting factor.

Thanks, John

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  • John Baughman said:
     But when I select 1080p as the HDMI output I get no video signal in WC.

     Test in Blackmagic Media Express (current version 11.5.1) first.
    1080p30 can be generated from cameras a few ways which involve true Progressive to PSF (progressive segmented frames carried on interlace) and not all versions will work.
    1080i can be deinterlaced and, unless you actually see serrated lines due to fast motion, is still better than 540. 

  • Thanks for the response.  And you are correct in pointing out that there are differences in the capabilities of  the BlackMagic app versions.  I think my problems began when I upgraded to the newest version of Blackmagic Desktop Video app.  There was no longer an option to select PSF.  I plan on trying to revert back to older versions of the app to see if I can regain the video functionality I once had with this video capture device.

  • John Baughman Blackmagic can be that way with Desktop Video. There are times when one may want to hold on to a specific version short of an OS compatibility update.

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