CONSTANT (and I mean constant) pausing of audio playback while previewing edit

As the title says I've got CONSTANT (and I mean constant) pausing of audio playback while previewing & working on my edit with ScreenFlow v9


the video continues but the timeline playhead stops and audio stops... then - glitch - and the playhead jumps down the timeline to catch up with the video playback and audio resumes.


It's IMPOSSIBLE to edit!!! IMPOSSIBLE!! this is happening every 15-20 seconds or so.. again and again and again and again.


what is this about?  I had zero problems like this in previous version I was using.



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  • ok update. after SAVING the project, and then re-opening, it now SEEMS (so far anyway) to stop doing that... ok, but why is it doing it to start with? Do I really have to save a project & reopen to get on and edit?


    Often I want to preview/watch what I recorded to check it was a 'good take' & THEN if it's a good one, get on with the edit (at which point I will then save it), but now I must SAVE before I can check my recording without constant audio stopping/starting & drop outs?


    is there a solution?



  • dancetech said:
    had zero problems like this in previous version I was using.

     It's not clear what version that was (an earlier version of 9, a version of 8....?) or if you're on the current version which is 9.0.3.

    dancetech said:
    but why is it doing it to start with?

     We'd need more information.
    Maybe it's a compatibility issue with the imported file and possibly related to system resources. I can't say without details requested in the linked post. Some files may perform better after creating a proxy.

  • CraigS 


    ONE audio file in the edit (44.1k .aiff audio file) - is being brought in from the network.. recorded on a separate machine - I have to do this due to the apple problem in Catalina where you can't record computer audio without a 3rd party driver which introduces monitoring latency, so I'm having to record the computer audio to another Mac in realtime & manually sync that audio in the edit after importing it across on the network to the host machine doing the actual Screenflow capture of the mic & screen.


    I assume therefore - as it stops doing it after SAVE -  that it has to be the network file in the edit, & that the act of Saving writes a copy of that network file to the host machine from where it is then read 'post-Save'.


    btw... what's the score in the industry with apple and 'that' audio driver problem? It's ludicrous. Is it ever going to get fixed and we can go back to how it used to be.... capturing our pro audio interface output directly?




  • dancetech said:
    ONE audio file in the edit (44.1k .aiff audio file)

     ScreenFlow should be able to handle that without issue since it's nominally uncompressed.

    dancetech said:
    mporting it across on the network

     Make sure it's fully copied to the local drive first. Then I would import it and save the document to make sure the media is within the document. 

    Apple has to develop an API for audio capture. The problem is a combination of the T2 chip and that Catalina is moving away from kext based driver permissions.  Some users are using Rogue Ameoba Loopback to route audio in software for recording.

  • CraigS nah, I tried em all. no driver works without latency of at least 200-300ms or so. My only solution to show a music DAW (Cubase, Logic, Garageband etc) being used in real time with NO latency is to record the host Mac with Screenflow but NOT recording computer audio (narration mic & screen record only) & at the same time record the DAW audio interface output to another Mac & then import that resulting stereo DAW output file into the resulting screenflow edit over the network.

    Actually it's not that much more time consuming than using the previous Screenflow pre Catalina/Mojave, but I'm lucky I've got plenty of extra computers to be able to do that


    Btw... a good new feature for Screenflow would be a mic 'Drop In' for the mic track... maybe draw the blue range around the drop in section & then just click 'Drop IN' & it would record mic only, direct to that section of the narration, snipping out a gap in the old narration and adding in the new 'drop in'.


    Currently to 'fix' a narration mistake you have to record mic only (which means changing your record settings first to mic only), then drag that little audio mic clip in to the timeline, snip out the bit you're replacing and put the new clip in place & cross fade with the old audio before/after the new clip


    can you guys add that feature? 

  • dancetech Please do fill out the feature request form and describe exactly how you would like it to work. 

    You do know about our Insert > Narration feature?
    Explain how your feature request would improve or be different than it.

  • CraigS  ah, didn't know that feature was added. It's close enough. MY request was exactly that, but it would also snip out the audio under the narration & drop the new narration clip in the snipped gap.

    That's good enough. cheers

  • dancetech 👍

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