Anyone else having issues with Restream?

I’m having an issue using the restreamer.

I first noticed on Saturday 9-19-2020 when I was streaming to both YouTube and Facebook and the feeds were super choppy, paused due to lack of data. The Stream indicator in Wirecast went from Green to amber to Red to Red Circle with slash.


I ran a test yesterday and if I only stream to either YouTube or Facebook, I get a nice stream 3.8Mbps 30 FPS, but if I use the Telestream restreamer to send to both, I suffer a great deal of loss dropping down to 700Kbps and dropping frames.

Is this a restream issue? Any suggestions?




Using Telestream to restream to Facebook and YouTube using Output Settings:  720p30 (4Mbps) x264 H.264. I also tried encoding 720p30 (4Mbps) NVIDIA NVEC H.264.

Canvass Size 1280x720


Wirecast 14.0.0

Windows 10 Pro version 1909 build 18363.1082


AMD Ryzen 7 3700X

16GB Ram


NVIDIA GeoForce RTX 2070

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    That sounds like an issue hitting our Restream server since going direct works.
    Please do fill out the form and point out exactly what you've written here. Make sure you put in Telestream Restream in the description so we can escalate. 

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