Show full typed commands on screen when recording (not just one keystroke)

I record lots of technical classes in Screenflow, and would love to be able to use keystroke recording to show everything that I type on the screen until I hit enter or return. The normal feature seems to only ever show a single key or key +modifier, but as I am typing code into a terminal, I would like the whole command to show up on the screen, from start to pressing enter.

So for example, if I type:

cd ~/Downloads

and then hit <return> or <enter>, the whole command would show up on the screen and stay until I start typing again or a configured timeout has passed (which ever is shorter).

This would probably need to be able to at least generally recognize delete, backspace and arrow navigation so that it prints what was actually submitted, without including corrected typos, etc.

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  • That's an interesting idea. I think showing keystrokes was meant for things like keyboard commands. Given what you're doing, the entire terminal command is best understood if the entire command is shown on the screen. This would also be good for people showing programming lines or even some complex mathematical formulas.

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