Could not connect to YouTube

Looking for some tips on how to troubleshoot a connection problem I had to YouTube.   When I tried to start my scheduled event, the stream icon would only flash green and would not start.  I had a very good LAN connection.  It just wouldn’t start up.  Restarted Wirecast, restarted computer, same result.  I’ve never had this issue occur at this venue before.  When I got home I tested and could connect just fine to the same event and test events, so I cannot reproduce the issue.   Any ideas as to what could have gone wrong?   This is a school district stadium, perhaps they are blocking YouTube now?   Thanks!

Also any advice or best practices on how to make sure you can connect before actually going live to an event?  Want to give myself some time to troubleshoot before an event actually starts.  My biggest fear is not being able to go live, and that finally happened.  Maybe a private test event, or 2nd platform like Facebook as a backup?   

Mac Catalina, Wirecast Pro 14.2, Mac Mini 2018, Intensity Shuttle USB...

Thanks for the help.

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  • In a new document create a new scheduled YouTube Event and test.

    Jay Smith said:
    I had a very good LAN connection.

     It's hard to troubleshoot a subjective statement. Please include your tested upload speed and packet loss. Always run a test before going live as ISP can have issues and connections can have intermittent and variable problems.

  • I did not try a new document because we were live and I had to keep the recording going so I could upload later.  When I did a speed test prior to going live, it was gigabit down and probably 500Mbps up (can't recall the exact numbers).  The internet connection was definitely up during the broadcast too as I could go to YouTube Studio.  For sure I will create test events in the future to connect to before going live to be sure it connects ok.  The only other variable I can think of was after creating the event in Wirecast, later I went to YouTube and changed the start time of the event.  Perhaps that did something with the key?  Unless you can't think of anything else, I guess I'll just chalk it up to gremlins that night.  Thanks.

  • Jay Smith said:
    I did not try a new document

     Please test with a new document. You don't need to rebuild everything for a connection test. A single source would work.

    Jay Smith said:
    and probably 500Mbps up

     Packet Loss issues can happen even with high upload speeds so that must be part of the speed test.

    Jay Smith said:
    ater I went to YouTube and changed the start time of the event.  Perhaps that did something with the key? 

     It's quite possible. YouTube has some odd issues both with duplicate keys and generating new keys. For the time being, I'd make all changes for scheduled events in the Wirecast YouTube interface.

  • Thanks Craig, very helpful info.  Appreciate your help.

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