Can I use both, Intel Quick Sync Video and Nvidia NVENC?

Hi guys. First post here. This week at our church we ordered a Wirecast Gear2 320 to replace an old Matrox MXO2 LE video and audio capture device which worked very well every Sunday for 7 years using an iMac and Adobe Media Encoder. With all the Covid-19 pandemic we had to go streaming 100% so last Sunday while streaming the service, we reached max capacity with our streaming service provider (Christian World Media) so decided to move to Vimeo Live which worked great for a couple of days after we setup the Wirecast Gear 320 this Tuesday. Unfortunately SDI Input 1 on the Gear 320 capture card was acting weird since day one with buggy video and finally yesterday Input 1 went bad after using the Gear 320 just for a couple of hours during a streaming session. Right after that we decided to request a RMA and  we sent the Gear 320 back to B&H for a full refund. Back to the drawing board, we decided to customize our own high performance PC  so today we ordered a Dell Precision 3630 with Intel Xeon E-2286G, 6 Core, 12MB Cache, 4.0Ghz, 4.9Ghz Turbo w/UHD Graphics P630, Nvidia Quadro P2200, 32Gb RAM, 2TB SSD, etc + a BlackMagic Decklink Duo 2 as a video capture card. For audio capture I was using an Apogee Quartet which is getting audio signal directly from our Yamaha M7CL sound board because the XLR inputs in the Gear 320 are still not balanced and I was getting horrible hum and noise. Anyways, back on topic, I know the Xeon E-2286G does support Quick Sync Video and the Nvidia Quadro P2200 does support NVENC. I read somewhere on Dell website that when the PC is shipped with Nvidia GPU, the two DP from the motherboard have a sticker like in the Wirecast Gear2 420 and can't be used. I get that but what about the Intel P630 GPU? Would I be able to use Quick Sync Video from the UHD Graphics P630 and NVENC from the Nvidia Quadro P2200 even if the Nvidia is setup as the primary GPU in the BIOS?  I will be using Wirecast Pro as a streaming software. 

Thanks for your help guys!!

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    Sorry to hear about your problems with Gear2.

    It is possible to simultaneously use QuickSync and NVENC in Wirecast.  I don't know the specifics of your CPU and motherboard but I do recall having to dig fairly deep into the advanced bios settings of my motherboard in order to enable both GPUs. It did not work with the default bios settings.  For my bios, I think the setting was something like "iGPU Multi-Monitor".

  • Paul, thanks for sharing this tip. I will ask my IT guy to look into this or even ask Dell to set it up right out of the box if possible. 

  • The part that was concerning me is that from the setup guide it says that the DPs on the back panel are covered. So I assumed that UHD P630 was disabled.

    But then on the BIOS setup shows clearly that the Dell 3630 ships with AUTO as default so Wirecast should be able to detect Intel Quick Sync Video and Nvidia NVENC.


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