Please add Rotation Options for Multi-Viewer

I would be nice to be able to have the option to reverse the monitor output when using the Multi-Viewer.  Please consider adding "FLIP" & "REVERSE" as an option.

See example photo... photo is not real.

I've also placed a request.  I'm posting here to see if some know if there is already an option for this and am I just missing it?

My external monitor doesn't have the option or I would set it there.



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  • Hi Will. This is absolutely a great idea. I'd use this as an input to beam splitter monitor that I usually use for scripting, when not "on script"... to see what's going to air.

    I'd add one more thought. This should also be possible with NDI output, to allow me to get that video somewhere else.


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  • Will Johnson While Greg explains a use, it's important for you to describe your use case when making a feature request. If the developers don't understand the purpose of the request they may not see the need to implement it. 

  • CraigS I use it to send the LIVE feed to an external monitor so that I can look directly at the camera when recording. In the photo, you can see everything is reversed on screen.  The Mac OS doesn't give me the option to change this nor does the monitor.  It would be nice if Wirecast had something like this as an option. 

  • Will Johnson Exactly the same as my use case. Not possible to tweak it in OSX. Basically, it is a "top and bottom mirror" .... not a rotation. My workaround? I actually have a HDMI external hardware device that will do this.... but it would be nicer if it was built in to Wirecast.


  • Will Johnson Please do fill out the feature request form and link to that screenshot as an example. That will certainly make the need obvious to the developers. 

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  • CraigS I did. Do you know if the busy Engineers will be able to take a look at it?

  • Will Johnson Post the case number and I can check that status.

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      CraigS Thank you for responding.  Here is the case number 00711733

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      • CraigS
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      Will Johnson Our internal investigation reference 

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