Local Video Monitor for Media Playback

14.0.4 on Windows

Our livestreams are a combination of live content and a few short pre-recorded videos.  The livestream is conducted in front of an in-person audience.

We'd like the ability to show (just) the media playbacks on a video monitor so that the in-person audience can see them as they're playing on the stream. 

We set this up so that each media file is in a separate shot.

I see that it's possible to set up a multi-view monitor to show a specific shot, but in this case we will have several different shots (one for each media file) that we'd like to display on this monitor at the time each one begins playing live, and to show a black screen at all other times.

Is there a straightforward way to set this up?

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  • The Live Area will play whatever is live. I'm not sure how it would know to show only certain shots in a monitor and not others technically. 

    Perhaps you should use an external player that supports NDI out. I believe VLC on Windows can do this. Then run a monitor connected to a computer running NDI Monitor. 

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