Using Screenflow with an iPad Pro 4th generation?

Hi -- 

I am wondering if anyone here uses Screenflow with an iPad Pro 4th generation (USB-C cable)? If you have, can you describe the cables you use to connect the iPad Pro to the Mac? 

I have successfully been able to use Screenflow with an iPad Pro 2nd generation (2018) and a new MacBook Pro (14-inch 2021, macOS Monterey 12.2.1, Apple M1 Pro) via a male lightning to male USB-A cable and an off-brand female USB-A to male USB-C converter. However, my native iPad Pro (2021) will not work with the same computer using the USB-C to USB-C cable that it came with. 

Thanks in advance for your help!! 

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    • CraigSModerator
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    • CraigS
    • 5 mths ago
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    Check to see if the iPad Pro can be seen by Quicktime as a recording source. Sometimes the OS or the iPad may need an update. Sometimes it can be the cable as well as some are primarily charging cables. Do make sure both iOS and macOS are current (please update). The first time you connect the iPad to the computer you probably will get a Trust this computer? Popup. if that's dismissed it won't work at all with the computer (either Quicktime or ScreenFlow).

    • Jennifer Mosher
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    • Jennifer_Mosher
    • 5 mths ago
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    I have now seen a 4th gen iPad Pro work with MacBook + Quicktime using a USB-C to USB-C cable. 

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