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Since Telestream don't seem to provide an email address that I can send customer feedback to, I'll post this here.  I purchased Screenflow a few months back and these are my thoughts and issues with it, having previously used mostly FCP7 and Resolve.

1. It doesn't play nice with a Wacom Intuos. I can't select gaps at all.

2. The zoom in / out increments sometimes seem quite large, I'm assuming it's an exponential curve but maybe not the best one.

3. When you go to Previous/Next edit, it would be nice if the playhead was centred in the timeline instead of at it's left edge.

4. I miss being able to temporarily drag and pan (hand tool) in the timeline by holding Spacebar down (like in Adobe apps)

5. Shame there is no Ripple edit tool

6. When entering values in textfields, I can't confirm and exit the textfield by hitting Enter or Return. Seems weird, especially for a Mac only app.

7. A simple way to apply a cross dissolve evenly across an edit is a 101 function for me. dragging clip A to the right then selecting clip B and dragging left, while trying to guess the timing… is not great

8. Using a decimal point for transition timing is very unprofessional and potentially inaccurate. Should be using timecode - seconds and frames.

9. Why do TY and Vimeo publish have no 25fps option?

10. Old documentation seems to suggest there was once an option to 'Reset to Defaults' for video properties. But it's not there now. Why?

11. The combination of a single timeline and a packaged file format make iteration quite convoluted and very disk hungry. Every time I use 'Save As' I eat up pointless storage space (and have to wait for it to write to disk). If I dont use the packaged format, I get a mess of proprietary files that are hard to manage.

Otherwise - good job. It's the best thing I've come across for making tutorials.

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