Live audio input to Rendezvous - Effects ignored

Ticket(s): #00753563
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Summary: Live audio input to Rendezvous - Effects ignored

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Setup a new document.
  2. Add an audio source. (I am using a USB connected Rode NT-USB microphone).
  3. Send that shot live.
  4. Create a Rendezvous session, and set the audio input to “Live output”, and turn off all other checkmarks.
  5. Have someone connect to rendezvous.
  6. Open the Audio Mixer using command-u (on a mac)
  7. Add the "Delay" effect in the audio mixer.

Expected result: Remote rendezvous guest hears the effect, just like remote audience.

Actual result: Remote rendezvous guest still hears unprocessed audio from the microphone with no delay effect.

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