Rendezvous - Add participant source before they join the session

I would like to be able to build a wirecast show that has multiple layouts of Rendezvous participant videos, so that my shots are pre-configured before the participants join.


I suggest that it should be possible for the sources to be added prior and then participants assigned to a source once they have joined. Allowing for the show file to be created before the participants join.


This would also allow for the show file to be reused, as you could re-assign participants.

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  • Hi Nick Djukanovic

    Again, another topic that has been previously suggested during the pre-launch of rendezvous... I recall many people asking for it back then - but no real progress.

    One simple solution might be to allow a suffix to be appended to the URL... and to allow that suffix to be pre-configured against template placeholders to allow easy and automated matching of guests to placeholders.

    But even that is problematic. The number of placeholders is limited to 3 currently, despite previous requests to increase that limit.

    Greg Kuhnert

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  • Thanks Greg , I will look into this workaround and see if it's useful for some smaller streams. It would be nice to have a master file with lots of custom layouts though so I don't have to rebuild the same show every time. Hopefully it improves in future. Appreciate your input.

  • Nick Djukanovic 

    Nick Djukanovic said:
    I will look into this workaround

    Its not a workaround we can do - We need telestream to do something. It was just an idea of how they might do it.... But until then, we're still unable to do what we need.

    Greg Kuhnert

  • Nick Djukanovic More prebuilt templates with placeholders are something being discussed. Ideally, you'd just assign the guests to the appropriate placeholder 

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