Audio streams to only one channel

As my post will amply show, I have little expertise in audio technology.  This is my set- up and my problem:  I am live streaming church services from my MacBook Pro. I have a simple setup– one main microphone for the pastor's voice and a secondary microphone that is only activated for picking up congregational singing and sometimes question and answer sessions.  Both microphones are connected to my USB audio input device (AudioBox) and then to my Mac via the USB connection.  I am able to switch between microphones or activate both simultaneously as needed with my software mixer. The AudioBox audio input device is selected as a shot.  Everything works perfectly except for one thing–  when I live stream with the main mic on and the secondary mic off, I stream audio over the right channel.  If I switch to the secondary mic on and the main mic off, the audio is streamed to the left channel.  With both mics on I stream the pastor's audio to the right channel and the secondary mic to the left channel. Several viewers have pointed out that this is disconcerting to them.  Despite much trial and error I have not found a way to get either microphone to stream to both channels.  This must be something simple that I am too poorly informed to understand.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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