I keep losing the ability to manipulate anything in my projects

I keep losing the ability to resize any kind of elements in any of my projects on any layers. I feel like I'm clicking some kind of lock but I am completely unaware of what that might be and I have a show in 6 hours.


If anyone can be of help I would super appreciate it. I can't keep creating new projects.

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  • I'd like to help but you'd have to provide technical information.
    Please make sure you're on Wirecast 13.1.2 and either Windows 10 or macOS 10.14.6 or 10.15.4.
    Perhaps your document is corrupt. Create a new one and test.
    Sorry, I can't be more specific but it's hard to know what might be the cause without details about your config and an exact explanation of what you are doing.

    You must describe as if you wanted someone to use the exact same computer, shots, sources, and resizing the way you are doing it.

  • Had this same issue last week, tried making new documents and had to uninstall wirecast and reinstall for it to work. No clue why it started happening

  • Justin I'd like to help but you need to provide technical information otherwise we have no way to know what the correlates are since this isn't affecting most people.

  • This also happened to me during a live broadcast recently. Was not good. I had to just live with what I had for the duration and wrap things up. A full restart of wirecast and reload of the project did resolve the issue.  In my case it was Wirecast 13.1.2 on Wirecast Gear 420 w/ Windows 10. I cannot reliably reproduce. I have since updated to 13.1.3 and not experienced the problem. But, that doesn't mean it is gone. Maybe just hasn't happened yet. If it happens again I'll try gather some diagnostics.

  • Kent Langley Can you list what was in the shot you were trying to manipulate and what you actually attempted?

    Was this a new document or was it one that was created previously and, if previously created, was it in an earlier version of Wirecast?

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