Control media file when it is on Live Play pause etc.

Sometimes I need to control media when it is on Live. I can do it with Vmix. I read some topics about it but I don't know how is it difficult to do it.

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  • Would this be similar to this request?

  • I think this would be great option to have. Also add buttons to skip directly to last 30 sec of the video. This would be helpful when prepearing wirecast session for live and going through your shots and your customer don't have time to sit and watch all the long videos but would like to see all the transitions to and from the videos. So Play, pause, scrub and jump to last 30 sec buttons would be helpful. I know this can be done with external video players like Millumin (https://imimot.com/mitti/) that's the way we do it know but as this reguires one computer, cabling, input and one extra operator this with the ability to send media file audio to additional audio output would save money and simplify things.

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  • CraigS - yes it does look like the same request. Please add this feature as I find it really strange that it's not already there. I have many shows that I should be able to run with just a Wirecast machine but due to lack of video transport controls in the live window we have to use external playback software and capture cards. It would be so much better to be able to do this all in Wirecast. Please please add this feature.

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      Jim Thornton at one time many years ago Wirecast had a similar feature. We had to rebuild playback though so the feature has to be rebuilt as well. 

      I'll have to delete this thread shortly because two similar feature requests may result in lower vote totals. Please add comments to the other feature request thread.

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