Chroma key disaster!

  • Good day and Happy Holidays to All! First out I SIMPLY LOVE WIRECAST! Ok, I'm having a MAJOR issue with Chroma Key. I have a full green screen studio. When I activate the chroma key by either clicking the box or even color picker...the subject is washed out badly!  Becomes transparent. I've tweaked the parameters but NOTHING works to keep the subject solid. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

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  • tom slick Have you used the colour picker (Choose colour with mouse) to select the green or are you using the default green? I always find that the default is slightly off…

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  • Since settings and lighting are significant factors in getting a good key please do post a screen capture of you selecting the key much as Matthew describes with the color picker.

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  • CraigS Here is the footage. Yes I used the color pocket as well as the default green. Inhave a full green screen studio. Walls, floor and ceiling. Evenly lot. As you can see the edges were terrible!!! On top of that the subkect was washed out. I shoot with 2 canon xl2 and a Nikon d5100!

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  • tom slick A few things:

    • What are you using for capturing the video onto your computer. Looking at that link along with several other on your channel, it looks like it is all 240p. If your camera input to the computer is that low of resolution, you’re going to have blurry images into Wirecast which will result in bad edging
    • The lighting you say you have, have you colour balanced your camera? There seems to be a very distinct blue tinge to the video input. This is likely the reason you’re getting some transparency over the whole subject. If you can track down something neutral. Something grey. Heck, even a plain piece of paper. Turn on the lights as they normally would be and white balance the camera to that. The green should come out great if the camera has been corrected for the studio lights.
    • If you can send a screenshot of the Wirecast setup with the chroma settings showing, with the right (live) area having no chroma key, the left (preview) area showing the chroma key output, I may be able to offer more suggestions.
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  • tom slick I'd have to agree with Matthew's comments. This is why I'd like to see a screen capture of the tools in use in Wirecast as that would reveal the issues.

    There are issues with the lighting on the subject and the subject resolution looks very low. The camera on the subject is not white balanced.

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  • tom slick
    This is how a green screen should look in Wirecast.

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  • We are having lots of trouble with Wirecast's Chroma Key functionality also.  We have a full green screen studio at our school with professional lighting.  It is also important to note that we use other Chroma Key apps in the same room with the same room and they work just perfectly - with absolutely no adjustments needed.  One of the apps even offers color picker options like Wirecast, and we just never need to use it in the other apps.   We have tried everything in Wirecast to adjust the clarity, resolution, and basic Chroma functions, but our students still look transparent at times, washed out, and with hazy, gray-looking hair.  I would like to see better functionality in Wirecast for Chroma Key please.

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  • Patti Weiss can we see a sample of the output? Having the preview and live windows open, one with and one without the chroma key along with having the chroma settings open would be a benefit.

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  • Patti Weiss Since the quality is subjective we'd need to see an example as Matthew requests. Seeing the subject's lighting before the key is important. Please compare to our tutorial.

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  • Patti Weiss
    In this live stream from our studio you can see our host is chroma keyed throughout. 

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  • I am seeing the same thing with Wirecast 8.2.

    I decided to upgrade from 7.7 over the holidays and while I appreciate all of the improvements and fixes, the chroma key has become the major sticking point. I have tried different cameras, lighting etc. No matter what I do I cannot get rid of the white outline around the subjects. I went back to 7.7 last night and the chroma was perfect. I can even change lighting angles and it still pops like it should.

    Whatever was done to the chroma key since 7.7 has made it worse.

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  • dbaser can we see a sample of the output? Having the preview and live windows open, one with and one without the chroma key along with having the chroma settings open would be a benefit. [Yes, copy and pasted from the above request]

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  • I already went back to WC7.7 as I had previously stated. 

    I grabbed 8 and 8.1 when they were released. I may try those to see which one broke the Chrome Key.

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  • dbaser Yes, we'd need to see the issue for comparison. Our studio live streams don't seem to show the issue.

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  •  Matthew Potter CraigS   Good day guys! I do apologize for not getting back sooner but I had some serious family problems. First off allow me again to assure you that I've been working with chroma key for YEARS now! I'm a MASTER with After Effects, Photoshop and Premiere! My studio is full green screen and lit to PERFECTION! I shoot with and have switched each in Wirecast using my Nikon d5100, d7200 - Canon Xl2, Canon G40! All high end. I have a Blackmagic and a Usb Grabber. Neither have anything to do with The Chroma Key in WC. I just started using WC last year and I could NEVER get the green screen to properly keep the subject from being Washed out/transparent. I've worked with 6.2, 6.4, 7.1 and recently 8.4. With the same problem. I've used the "default, clicked the chroma key and the used the color picker..." With the same results. I've enclosed pics of before /after with wire cast. Plus pics with just my Nikon. One even using the Virtual Set. Still washed out!

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  • tom slick Key threshhold is VERY low… After you’ve clicked the “Pick key color with mouse”, are you clicking on a portion of the green area? You mention colour picker in your post and while you can pick 100% RGB green, it is slightly a different colour.

    - Enable the Pick key color with mouse

    - Click on a portion of green in the preview window (even if you cannot see it already due to it being enabled)

    - Increase your Key threshold

    If you’re still having issues after that, I’ll throw my green screen up and do some more testing myself (not a Telestream member) as this would be an issue if it is truly messing up after performing that.

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  • tom slick  do follow Matthew's instructions. Your first key shot in Wirecast should work with proper settings. You second shot in the studio looks like it has lighting problems though.

    You can see both in our tutorial and in our virtual set show that good keys are possible. 

    Chroma Key is GPU dependent so that could be the only variable.

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  • Really a complete disaster. Worse than that is the Company and the Developer team do not assume the limitations. Anyone that has used a serious Chroma Key to professional job knows. In a reasonable scenario, Chroma is being used outside, sometimes with natural light and much less control. Maybe Telestream is trying to re-create the idea, based on a bad module into a reasonable product. It should look at Hollywood movies, get in contact with great Chroma Studios in the Cinema. It took a long road since The Thief of Bagdad (1940)! Oscar using that visual effect. Please, let's pay attention to users!

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  • Vladimir Cavalcante The chroma key features are limited compared to some of the higher end real time or NLE or compositing software chroma keyers but the keyer itself generally works well if you're using 10 bit 422 sources. Keyer features are separate than the basic function of the keyer. We use the chroma keyer on our live streams and they are OK, not a disaster at all. Not "feature film" or broadcast post caliber. 

    For example bring in a signal from a good camera, SDI through a Blackmagic or Magewell card with a proper evenly lit and exposed green screen and I can get a clean key. The keyer does work.

    Use a webcam, Long GOP compressed sources, less than good lighting, you'll have issues. Granted you could clean them up in a higher end keyer but one should avoid problems in the first place.

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  • CraigS I can see you have never made a LIVE in natural conditions... I will repeat, once again, the tech team should invest time to improve that module. Chroma is important. I have BlackMagic with Macbook and Sony Camera, Nikon, etc. Not the point.

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  • Vladimir Cavalcante If you have a specific feature requests to improve it please do make them. 

    Wirecast Feature Request Form

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  • CraigS Yes! In fact I am sure that a thousand of potential users are being lost by Telestream because of that limitation and some others. Some functionalities are not really compatible with a professional use, with the complexity we find in TV business. If OTT is coming as a great chance to producers, we need to improve software attending that community.

    I will buy a product to use as tool to make LIVE sessions that can offer a minimorum of improvements. It is not fair to pay more than 900 US$ for a software that compromise the balance made in all platform. Another alternative would be offer integration with other softwares, creating a kind of Plug-in architecture, with tutorials in support to use. 

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  • Vladimir Cavalcante I'm a former facility engineer and i've used Ultimatte as well as some very good third party plugins for post work. The developers need specific suggestions so do fill out the form and make them. 

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