Wirecast Go iphone 5S on Wirecast low quality, why?

Hi CraigS,
I tried to use my iphone 5s as a camera via wifi using Wirecast Go 2.1, but the quality is very bad, all pixels and especially moving.
on iphone is set to 8000kbits, if I try to put it at 12000kbits it will crash me wirecast 8.2.
where am I wrong?


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  • Our minimum recommended specs for Wirecast Go 2.1 is iPhone 6


    • Device: Apple iPhone 6 and newer
    • iOS Version: iOS Version 10.3 or later
    • Storage: 3GB+ recommended for replay storage


    Perhaps the phone's processor can't sustain the higher data rates. 

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  • CraigS oook perfect! 😭

    today I'm trying to use a Dji Osmo always with iphone5s.

    iphone connected at Osmo via WIFI, from iphone i stream on youtube (only how to Event) and it's all ok but I can not configure the Web Stream function.

    always error URI.
    in the authentication key, which data should I enter? email and password of the youtube channel or other?

    i trying the same with Wirecast Go, streaming from my iphone on youtube channel how to live (not event), i have a RTMP code (server URL), use this code inside the web stream but always invalid



  • Andrea Pacini Unfortunately, due to the nature of the App Store, the compatibility list is not controlled directly by us and is incorrect. We're examining how to handle it. 

  • Andrea Pacini said:
    rom iphone i stream on youtube (only how to Event) and it's all ok but I can not configure the Web Stream function.

    YouTube doesn't make the needed URI available to end users. You can stream to a Wowza server (you can install one locally) and use that.

  • CraigS but it's free or payment service? i find only payment service

  • Andrea Pacini  you may be able to get the developer's version of Wowza with limited features (but good for this use) free for about 6 months. 

    I did this tutorial a long while back with an earlier version. I used their GoCoder app but Wirecast Go would be the same principle.

  • I've already seen this video a couple of times ... but I did not understand that much! 😅

    i will see to follow the letter step by step


    tnx again!!!

  • Andrea Pacini Wowza developer version.
    Wowza Developer form

    You stream to Wowza server and then use the Wowza generated URI in Wirecast WebStream plugin.

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  • CraigS i can't find the page for local host... i undeerstand why on web all tutorial open the wowza local host page and i don't' find my ip and this page for login

    clic on icon and the terminal rite this message how in your video.. open the browser and where i go?

  • CraigS this is the message after uninstall  and restart mac than reinstall software

    now only this message and terminal not open automatically

  • Andrea Pacini You have to contact Wowza for those issues. You have to use in an Admin account. They do have very good video tutorials on how to install and setup,
    More here. Look for StreamingEngine

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  • CraigS already open a ticket yesterday.. nothing response at the moment


  • Andrea Pacini It's probably just a less than obvious setup function. I remember it took me a couple of tries to get it working.

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  • hi CraigS and happy new year,
    i lost every hope with this function. many many attempts and tryed every step. the support it's very idiot (yes i think this), because with the 3 ticket opened in this weeks, with the similar problem, support answer me always with video link or page of forum how to install or a little parto of problem but in window or linux, the video are simple installation in windows OS (and not in mac os), in the infinite and odyssey pages that i had open i finish my search always in page solution with a infinite combination of command write on Terminal, I tried everything, but nothing good, the support continue to send me the same and unnecessary pages. i responde this mail write that i'm a video operator and not a computer programmer.

    end of my adventur with this service.

    if you know other similar service..

    thanks, Andrea

  • Andrea Pacini I'm sorry about your experience with Wowza support. Adobe also makes a server that you can try but some feel it's a bit more difficult to use. 

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