Presets for Editing e.g. Audio


A feature request I'd like to see implemented - It's great that Screenflow got presets with the last update but where I really wanted to see presets available was in the different editing sections.

For example, Audio editing presets - Say I want to add a particular EQ, Compressor and other effects to an audio channel every time I edit, I have to go through and add the details each time one by one. It would be helpful just to save the effects as a preset you can apply to any audio track.


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  • That would certainly be a useful feature request.

    LP will log that for you.

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  • Alex Shore
    To expedite the Feature Request please fill out the form ASAP.
    See later post for form link.

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  • You can accomplish this with the "paste properties" item in the edit menu. Select a clip in the timeline with the features set how you want them, hit copy, then select the clips you want to apply the effects to, go to edit > paste properties > audio filters (or) video filters 

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  • christina ferry Although if you want to do use the same setting for different documents you might want a saved setting. Also if you used several different settings in one document it might be hard to find the clip with the setting you want to copy. It might be good to have a saved setting for voice, another for music, perhaps a different setting for different mics you might use. 

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  • Honestly, the fact that each audio clip in a track doesn't share the effects of every other clip in that track means that if you have a bunch of audio clips, and apply a plugin to them that uses a lot of resources (like something from iZotope), you'll eat through your resources.   It's better to just export the audio and do all your audio editing/processing in the DAW. 

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  • Charles Schiermeyer That would be the best solution if there are multiple tracks with heavy processing, but I think having presets for audio is still valid. Most of the projects I create with Screenflow have 2 audio tracks. These are always recorded with the same microphone and gain etc. The inbuilt Apple AU plugins are plenty good enough for quick adjustments and it's helpful just to quickly add an EQ/Comp with the same settings. I can then use this on every project instantly.

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  • Probably best to just save a template project with a single audio clip existing in it already that has your desired audio settings and use the "Paste Properties" menu command to apply those audio FX to your new Audio clips. 

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  • Everyone interested who hasn't sent in the feature request yet please do fill out the form below.

    ScreenFlow Feature Request Form

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  • CraigS  don't you mean "Screenflow Feature Request Form"?

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  • Charles Schiermeyer Fixed 😳

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