Iphone video scrambled in Rendezvous

Using a iphone woth wirecast go in a wirecast Rendezvous session (wirecast 8.2) on windows. the video os "scrambled"..."lines" in wirecast. Audio comes in fine. Iphone on verizon LTE, wirecast on lan. What is causing this? 

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  • We're seeing that with some models.

    What model iPhone?
    What iOS (update to 11.2?)
    Have you updated to Wirecast Go 2.1? (released just a few days a go so please check).

    Ideally you should test with Wirecast 8.2, iOS 11.2, Wirecast Go 2.1. Please confirm each is up to date.

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  • CraigS downloaded the newest wirecast go on Saturday, wirecast updated friday to 8.2,....iphone vesion was 11.12 will update iphone and touch back - thanks

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  • Jim Wafford What model iPhone? That could be very important.

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  • CraigS Iphone 7 plus

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  • Jim Wafford I have iPhone 7 (not plus) and no problems. 
    Please delete and reinstall Wirecast Go from the App Store. Hard Power off the iPhone and then back on. Then start Wirecast Go.

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  • CraigS Carried on your instructions...but no change in the iphone video input into wirecast. I set up two other devices (androids) they worked fine...even the iphone showed up great in the androids...just not working in wirecast - video still scrambled

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  • Jim Wafford It might be specific to iPhone 7 Plus.
    Fill out the form and report the issue. Include Wirecast Go, iOS, Wirecast version numbers so they confirm you're current.

    Wirecast Go Support Form

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  • CraigS thanks Craig

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  • Jim Wafford You're welcome of course. We've seen this with some phone models so it's possible that 7plus is one of the affected. We'll investigate the fix.

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  • Jim Wafford  - Are you still having these issues? I am a new wirecast user, and have the same problem. The solution proposed by Wirecast support was to force two connected clients instead of one. This works. However, the problem with that is that it uses extra bandwidth. Outside the USA, many other countries have limited upload bandwidth - and that extra bandwidth caused a live show to be abandoned last week.

    My environment:

    • iMac for Wirecast
    • Wirecast Go on IOS (Various hardware models tested)

    Same result every time - garbled video if only one rendezvous guest is connected.

    When is a fix for this likely to be delivered?

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  • Greg Kuhnert Yes, still continued to have that problem...

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  • Greg Kuhnert Jim Wafford This seems to be affecting specific models.
    I'm not having issues with my iPhone 7 on iOS 11.2.2 and Wirecast Go 2.1 with Wirecast 8.2 On the other hand my iPad Pro 9.7" looks scrambled (Go with Rendezvous isn't officially supported on iPad though).

    Again no issue with iPhone 7 though so "various models" isn't useful information. Otherwise that may be a different issue.

    Please include all the information I just listed and fill out the form I previously posted. Please do ask about a timeline for the fix when you fill out the form. Post back any information you get, here.

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  • I previously filled in the support form, and got told to open two streams. As per my comment above, that is not an acceptable workaround due to the additional bandwidth required is not an option outside the USA.

    Personally, I have tested iPhone X, and 8. I have access to an iPhone 7 and 6S, but I'd have to re-test to confirm for 7 and 6 plus.

    Interestingly - it has occasionally worked on iPhone X without a second stream. That leads me to conclude that its probably a timing related bug, and it fails more regularly on the newer phones due to different CPU characteristics.

    Either way, we're in a state where it is a known bug with no viable workaround and no confirmed acknowledgement that Wirecast know where the problem is or when it will be fixed. If required, I can provide my UDID for my test device(s) to Wirecast to assist with testing.

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  • Greg Kuhnert said:
    As per my comment above, that is not an acceptable workaround due to the additional bandwidth required is not an option outside the USA.

    Respond back via email with your case number and explain why that's not an acceptable solution.

    Greg Kuhnert said:
    Interestingly - it has occasionally worked on iPhone X without a second stream.

     It may be a combination of camera or screen display in specific models as well as possible WebRTC backend issues around that.

    It think the reason why adding a second stream fixes it because it impact the resolution on the WebRTC back end.

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  • Hi Craig.

    I've previously responded via email to my ticket with case number advising details of why its not an acceptable solution. The product manager I understand has forwarded my concerns to engineering, and I am pending feedback. But let me explain the problem here.

    We are warned when setting up rendezvous of the bandwidth requirements. Outside the USA, we are not blessed with large bandwidth for upload. My personal upload bandwidth has historically sat around 2-3 meg upload, but download bandwidth is much better - at around 60-100 meg. If doing a live stream with 1 remote rendezvous guest, this would be possible - but adding a redundant non used guest to avoid pixelation adds overhead - which can degrade bandwidth usage. Its still possible to livestream like this however.

    If we go one step further - and wanted to have two guests - how does it perform? We still require the redundant guest. Why? I found in testing that occasionally one guest dropped out momentarily, we had pixelation of the other working guest. The only way to ensure stable non pixelated inputs was to have a redundant guest - so a total of three in use.

    Again - in testing (without stream upload activated), this worked perfectly. But, add a stream - and its all over. A friend of mine has a regular live show - and I tried to run it from here while he was unable to get to his regular wirecast setup. It was a train wreck and the live show had to be abandoned - all due to the rendezvous problems.

    I look forward to hearing alternate workarounds and/or when this might be permanently resolved.

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  • Greg Kuhnert We'll work on solving the issue. Sorry about that.

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  • Hi CraigS  We are having the same issue with iPhones 8 and newer. We have a few people that we want to interview but the video is scrambled.

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  • Edson Viapree Please fill out the previously posted Support Form. Include the iPhone model and the iOS version of each phone you're having scrambled video with.

    We've heard that in some cases if you have two guests the problem goes away. You might try setting up a "dummy" guest locally to see if that helps.

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