Iphone video scrambled in Rendezvous

Using a iphone woth wirecast go in a wirecast Rendezvous session (wirecast 8.2) on windows. the video os "scrambled"..."lines" in wirecast. Audio comes in fine. Iphone on verizon LTE, wirecast on lan. What is causing this? 

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  • Rory Maloney 

    Oh man, even  better news yet!

     I can’t wait to get home to give the beta try! 

     Thanks again. 

  • Hector Miguel

    Just a bit of expansion on what Rory points out about support.  This begins to apply with our Wirecast 8 licensing scheme and support is 12 months.  So, you have support--and free upgrades and updates--for 12 months dating from the time you purchased WC8.  After 12 months, it's a support fee of $99 to get the next 12 months, and so on.  We are developing rapidly and hope to have 4-5 new upgrades a year.  We don't want our customers to have to wait for features, fixes and new technology.  You're welcome!

  • and one more thing....Wirecast 9 will be out of beta and officially released tomorrow, May 2.

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