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I bought Screenflow because I wanted a software with a very quick, minimal, and easy to use feature set. With each version of screenflow, I've noticed (understandably) more and more features being added - almost none of which I find useful and many of which seem a bit gimmicky. And with these features, the price tag goes up and up.


I use AfterEffects when I want to do a lot of post-processing and effects to videos. I like screenflow for the basics.

It would be great to see a basic and pro version of this software - the basic being concerned with just editing, cropping, orienting, and controlling the speed of the clips, perhaps annotating, and the pro with all of the effects. If you could find a way to do video stabilization, I'd probably even spring for pro.

Along with that, it'd be great not to get spammed to upgrade versions every time you open the app. Isn't there a way to disable that? I've paid for a perfectly viable version of the software three times now. I don't want adds constantly to pay more.

Really do enjoy the software and have for years, but I can't see myself putting down another $100 on features I won't use for a new version.

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  • Interesting. Please do send us the feature request clearly delineating the features differentiating a basic and pro version. Our price hasn't gone up much over recents years. It was $99 and only recently went up to $129. You may to suggest pricing strategy as well between the two suggested programs.

    ScreenFlow Feature Request Form

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