WC Startup Failure with Intranet

MAC Pro, 64g ram, OS 10.11.6  WC 7.1 Airport Extreme 

I ran into a major problem with starting Wirecast 7.1  with an intranet router plugged in. The major problem is that WC will not open a window unless you disconnect your modem. Afterwards your network will not make any connections and you will not be able to access the internet. You will need to reboot your system. AFTER WC has launched, you can them connect the modem and cameras on the intranet can be added. The irony is that you have to attach all your capture cards BEFORE WC has launched. This headache delayed the start of my football coverage over an hour.

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  • Please explain your complete setup in detail.
    In my location I have a switch, router, modem, all separate devices and always connected and I can start Wirecast from any computer on the LAN and stream.
    I can't see how a router would impact Wirecast opening window. Sorry but I need more details.

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  • I sent in a ticket. Shut everything off, plug in to an AirPort Extreme router not connected to a modem. Start WC. WC freeze is verified by activity monitor. Unplug Ethernet connection , the window opens but Internet fails. 


    Plug in router after WC launches. No apparent problems. 

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  • Perhaps you have a local network issue. I can only see the network having an impact as you describe is if Wirecast can not connect with something it's trying to. It's possible Wirecast is hunting for IP cameras.

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  • Hi Guys

    We have the same issue since Wirecast 7 upgrade. System is HP Z440 16gb Ram Windows 10 Build 10586, Wirecast 7.1

    System is connected to a School network with a content filtering system upstream. Up until Wirecast 7 & 7.1 we had no issues wirecast would load fine and quickly. Now after upgrading to 7 we have to unplug the network cable, wait for it to load, then plug back in.

    We have just tested it on an android phone tethered for internet access, and the issue does not occur. My question is does Wirecast 7 prefetch connections to streaming services during startup and if they are blocked would it pause up waiting?


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  • Brad H since Wirecast can be used for local record only it shouldn't require any network connection at all.

    Go in Wirecast > Preferences > Advanced and click on the box next to "Disable IP Camera Discovery" as if it's looking for IP cameras that might be an issues.

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  • Hi CraigS

    Have got IP camera discovery turned off.


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  • Brad H and the result is..? Need confirmation.

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  • Sorry, Ip camera discovery is off, makes no difference unfortunately.

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  • Brad H can you provide a diagram or description of your routing so we can examine?

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  • Hi Craig

    Our setup is currently connected as follows:

    Desktop -> Ethernet -> Layer 3 Core Switch -> WAN Router -> Upstream Carrier -> Content Filtering and Proxy System -> Internet

    We have also tried via a seperate local internet connection with a proxy server that has no content filter, and this has the same problem. Proxy has been set via Internet Settings.

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  • My set up is somewhat simpler but I've tried it several ways. The variable seems to be if your intranet is connected to the Internet. If is, WC has no problem loading. If it's not, it fails to open.
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  • Thanks for that info. Each of you fill out the form and include details about your path from Wirecast to the internet.

    Wirecast Support Form

    As soon as you attempt to open Wirecast and it fails you may want to use our Support Assistant to send us logs and system specs instead of the above form.

    As follows:

    On Windows:

    Programs>Telestream > Wirecast > Support Assistant. Click to open
    On Windows 10:

    Click on the Windows Icon > All Apps > Telestream > Support Assistant

    On MAC:

    Applications>Show in Finder. Right click on Wirecast>Show Package Contents>Contents>Resources>Support Assistant. Click to open.

    Once activated, enter your email address, full name, and a description of your issue. If you already have a support case open with a technician, please enter the reference number in the Support Case # field.

    Please include the version of Wirecast, operating system, hardware you are using, a description of the issue and, if possible, the steps to reproduce the issue.

    If you choose "Save Report" the Assistant will save the file to your hard drive. This file can then be attached to an email.

    If you choose "Send Report" the file will be automatically sent to Telestream.

    Please note: If you do not select the option at the top "Create a support ticket and receive follow-up from Telestream support," Wirecast support technicians will not receive the file and a case will not be created.

    If you select the option to receive follow-up, the case is created you will receive an auto-response with your case reference number.

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  • Unfortunately documenting the incident is the LAST thing on my priority list when I have several hundred viewers and money-paying sponsors all calling and texting me. It just underscores that we are in this together - my customers are your customers and if I can't get WC to work right I have no business. 

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  • Larry Johansen you can test when you're not under pressure and give us the information. In order to troubleshoot and resolve we may need the details of your setup. We'd like to help but we need to know your setup so we can duplicate the circumstances.

    If you do need priority turnaround on support we have a Premium Support option. With that, we could even Remote into your machine and look at the problem first hand.

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  • This issue is still unresolved despite two upgrades

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  • Larry Johansen Have you followed up with your case number and asked for a status update? Have you providing the documentation needed to the engineers?

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  • I have not. I really thought that this was such a hugh issue that it would be addressed immediately or that Telestream would at least tell people that it is a known issue so that it can be avoided. It cost my business a major contract when the problem first presented itself and I could not get on the air and missed the first hour of a football game I was supposed to be covering. It was only after completely tearing down my setup and starting up one piece at a time did I discover that I could not initiate a wirecast file if I was first connected to an intranet. 

    MAC Pro 2013

    6 core 3.5 intell

    latest OS

    1000 g hard drive

    64 g ram

    Airport Extreme Router  



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  • Larry Johansen I suspect most users are more directly connected as that would be recommended for live streaming. Wirecast itself works just fine on most LANs. There may be serious and very complex challenges depending on the variable nature in intranet settings. By getting a case number, you have a reference for direct communication so you should take advantage of that.

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  • I think this is a Mac Pro specific problem. With two network inputs wirecast must be up and running first before utilizing the second network input. By procedure I start the Mac Pro with no network cables attached and my wireless turned off. Once Wirecast is running, I connect a network cable to an internet source (modem or network connected to internet). Then connect the other network input to an AirPort Extreme to get a LAN set up for wireless cameras and network cameras. It all works great except if I try to use a wireless device to connect to the internet instead of a network cable. I've tried a mifi device and was able to do it on earlier versions of wirecast but not recently, and I've tried using my iPhone tethered and bluetoothed but can't get an internet connection with the LAN running. Any suggestions?

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  • Larry Johansen As previously stated, I'm not having any issues with my late 2013 Mac Pro and my wired and wireless LAN. You should include your complete network with the report (using the case number) you've sent it. My guess is you may have a LAN settings issue. Perhaps Proxy or Firewall based. It may be related to using two Ethernet Ports as there's no control over which path Wirecast chooses. Perhaps you have a block diagram you can send to support.

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  • Well I have finally resolved the issue for us. I revisited the previous problem last week after our Wirecast PC required a rebuild. With 7.7 we were still getting the same problem, 5+ minutes to load wirecast unless we unplugged the lan cable etc. 


    I was searching around and found this post from a few months ago:


    By setting our proxy via netsh it fixed the problem instantly, wirecast 7.7 instantly opens now. 👍

    Just wondering then why Wirecast 7 doesn't seem to detect the proxy set by Internet Options? 
    Not sure if this will help larry, but hopefully anyone else who comes across the issue.


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  • Brad H Thanks for that. We are aware of the challenges working around local proxy settings. Please do make the feature request.

    LP will help you with that request.

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  • Brad H thanks, much appreciated

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  • CraigS Request documented in engineering database. Engineers plan to address this issue after the Wirecast 8.0 release. It effects corporate, government, and educational institutions.

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  • LP Thanks for reporting on the roadmap for this critical feature.

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