Black Border (Edge) around inputs

Everytime when I add an input (1280x720) there is a small black border around the Stream. So I have to blow up every source to get around that border. Even If I hit scale to fit the border is still there. My Canvas size and stream size are also set to 1280x720. Here a Screenshot, where I blowed up a Blue solid color in background with a red solid color in front (scale to fit, 1280x720). It seems that Wirecast is not able to fit sources to whole screen. I tested that on different computers everytime the same. Has sombody an answer? Agin all set to 1280x720. Secend Screenshot without blue color in back and you can see the black border. Tested also on wirecast 7.1.

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  • Good to hear they gave you a status updated. I can't speak to pricing though.

  • I found this thread while debugging this issue on Windows Wirecast 6.  Seems like the same deal: 720p input not filling frame.   What I discovered solved it for me was editing the shot and unchecking "Respect Aspect Ratio".  That wiped out the black line top and left on my videos.

    Figure that might be useful to some looking for easy workarounds, when source and output are all 16x9 anyway.

  • David Wilkins Thanks for that tip.

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