Audio waveform slow redraw: is it solved?

Is there any solution for the frequently disappearing and very slowly redrawn audio waveform? Every time I cut a longer (10+ minutes) recording, create a transition the waveform goes. The only way to get it back to wait for 10-120 seconds, otherwise (if you continue working on it) will never appear. This problem has a long history in the old forum.

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  • I find it is much slower if I have smoothing and removal of background noises. My solution: I smooth and remove background noises at the start then export audio lossless. I import that and do not use those features... and it is much quicker.

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  • PCG makes good suggestions. We are working on improving the audio waveform redraw issue.

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  • I used to add smoothing and noise removal AFTER I've finished (selecting all parts with audio than adding the options). And I agree that it helps a bit, but still annoying. Sometimes I have to cut a lot and that's horrible with ScreenFlow. As an ex Camtasia (Windows) user, that software is far better in this aspect (on Windows, the Mac version is useless).

    @CraigS: to be honest, you've been working on it for years and I can't see any result :(

  • Krisztián Czakó more work is being done. We expect you will see improvement.

  • I followed Michael Glasser advice and it works infinitely better, thanks!

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  • Viable workaround. We are working on improvements.

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  • ScreenFlow 6 just released.

    from the Release Notes:

    • Redesigned Waveforms – Audio waveforms are now drawn using a new implementation for better performance and more accuracy. 

    See more here
    ScreenFlow 6


  • Ben Sullins Krisztián Czakó Michael Glasser 

    Please do let us know if you are still experiencing issues with audio waveforms in ScreenFlow 6, we now have a solid foundation for making improvements to this functionality. 

  • It is a way better now in v6, thank you!

  • WAVEFORM SLOW REDRAW : I'm still having issues on 6.2. Sierra Imac 2011 i5 16gb Ram. Using two different external drives. The waveform takes forever to redraw. I notice more in Sierra. In Yosemite not so bad

  • George Pinto What is the source clip? What is the duration?

  • could be up to 45 minutes

  • source clip is from the computer camera plus audio from interface. video from a secondary external camera also

  • George Pinto It's possible that the an i5 from 2011 is slow to redraw.
    Try deleting the cache and then rebooting.

  • 15" 2014 i7 on screen flow 6 and the waveform redraw is awful.. I wish didn't upgrade. After I finish this project I may have to go back to 5. basically Ripple Delete.. wait.. wait.. Ripple Delete.. wait...  I really like the multi-channel audio support of ScreenFlow 6 but this waveform redraw issue makes me really wish I did not upgrade. Also overall all ScreenFlow 6 is running really really sluggish. 10 minutes of editing is taking like over an hour so far....  and you have to stop the clock to let it render after ever delete.


  • Jimmy Allison If you're only on 6 you need to update to the current version which is 6.2.1. The specifics of your system certainly can impact performance so we can't troubleshoot general statements. Waveform ReDraw uses system resources so there are times when other functions must take precedence during the editing process.

  • CraigS  6.2.1.  
    Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014
    2.2 GHz Intel Core i7
    16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

    Screen Flow 5 works perfect on my system 

    if screen flow 6 the waveform redraw is slow, a lot of times only what is on screen, and will not redraw during playback

  • Jimmy Allison Can you post an example so I can see what's happening in your timeline?

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