External Monitor is Pixilated

We have been using the same system and video card since 2011.  In the past year, every time I engage the external monitor in Wirecast, the display, camera shot and graphics are pixilated.  Some times If I shut down and then restart the external monitor sometimes it corrects itself.  Sometimes not.  Sometimes if I restart wirecast it works, other times I have to restart the whole computer. 

Might be the graphics card ... but ...

  1. I have had the same card for some time and the issue is fairly new
  2. The cards driver is up today ... and I have tried using older drivers
  3. When not displaying as a Wirecast external monitor, the monitor picture (usually my desktop background) is not pixilated.


System Set up:

Intel Core i7 930 2.8 - 6g Ram / NVIDIA GeForce 9500 1024 mb
Camera 1 - Canon Optura Xi via Firewire
Camera 2 - Canon Optura 50 via ADVC 55 S-video
Camera 3 - Canon Optura Xi via ADVC 55 S-video
Up to date - Wirecast  / Bonjour / DTP on Network PC / on a 1 gig Network
Windows 7 Home Premium 64
ComCast Service 7 up / 3 down

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  • Confirm you're on Wirecast 6.0.8?
    Wirecast Canvas setting?
    External Monitor pixel dimension?
    Connected how?

    Given the intermittent nature and the age it very well could be the GPU. Have you done an compressed air cleaning of computer internals including GPU and fan and checked the connectors (dirt, oxidation)?

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  • Wirecast version is 4.3.1 ... there was not a need to upgrade as we did not need the newer features and my understanding (and attempt to use 5.0.3) was that it would require and upgrade fee.

    Canvas is 480p - 854x480

    Monitor Dimensions - 1360x768 (recommended)

    Connected via D-Sub 15 / VGA

    System was cleaned a year ago.  Mother board was replaced with a new but identical mobo. 

    Problem predates the new mobo

    But ... oddly ... as I was getting this info, I have just discovered when I click the menu item to engage the external display, if it does come up pixilated,  if I simply click the engage external display menu option again (not turn it off and the back on) ... it clears up ... every time.  I am 4 for 4 right now.

    Screen shots:



    Monitor without Wirecast turned on


    Wirecast External Display After Corrected


    Control Menu Setting.  Click the \\.\DISPLAY2 twice (sometimes 3x's) and it clears the pixilation up

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  • Sorry you're having this issue. Development ended for Wirecast 4 series some time back so if it's a new issue if it's not hardware it may well be a driver or OS update that we haven't tested. Ideally once development stops, it's a good idea to "freeze" the system although I know that's not always possible. Keep in mind if this is a new condition, nothing in Wirecast itself has changed except Preferences or Documents.

    Your canvas and monitor size don't match so perhaps that's part of the issue. Reselecting apparently is helping resolve the issue so you could try reseting preferences as per Page 148 of Wirecast 4.3.x User Guide

    To reset your preferences, quit Wirecast and then delete the files located at:

    Windows 7 and Vista


    Otherwise you can try uninstalling and reinstalling Wirecast 4.3.1
    Download link on the left side of the following page.
    Download link

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  • I have had this issue for ever! I am currently on 6.08 and still happens.

    There is no hardware in my pc that is the same as when I started using wirecast, so this eliminates a hardware issue. Except that i have always used windows and nvidia gpu's.

    Only way to resolve that i have found is to turn external display output off and on. Sometimes takes half a dozen goes but it always comes good eventually

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  • Dan Lynch Please include your current hardware setup and fill out the form.
    Wirecast Support Form

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  • Our system was basically frozen since we started broadcasting years ago.  We do win 7 updates but no hardware has changed except to replace the Mobo with an exact same one.  And the problem started before the mobo replacement. 

    I have tried different ... even older more original drivers for the video card.

    This appears to only be happening in wirecast when the external display is engaged.

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  • @Dan Lynch ... could you please keep this thread updated as to the progress?

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  • Mike McColley since there's no further development with version 4, the issue would either be fixed in version 6 or the announced version 7.

    Given the age of version 4, if you didn't experience this originally then something may have changed (something other than version 4.3.1).

    Do you have another Windows 7 computer you can test with?

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  • I also have this issue with pixialization on the external monitor.  We are just getting started running with windows 10 and Wirecast 7.3 Studio. The external monitor port is the third port on the graphics card.  The external monitor is actually a projector in another room so repeatedly selecting the monitor until the pixialization clears up is a bit awkward for one person to do.  I've verified the monitor and video port settings match. I believe the canvas is the same as the external monitor port settings for resolution.  I've also had a clear picture on the monitor to start with and then after some time of operation, it pixalizes.  Other times, once the pixialization clears up, it stays that way. Most often, the pixalization occurs on first selection of the external monitor after starting Wirecast. The severity of the pixalization varies.

    -Gene H

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  • I have had the same issue with the external monitor. As I hadn't time during a live show to troubleshoot I helped myself with a supported output card. I had luck with the USB3 shuttle and the mini monitor both from BMD.

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  • Gene Heathershaw Please update to Wirecast 7.4 and test again. If you're still seeing  the issue please do fill out the previously posted Support Form so the engineers are aware it's not yet fixed.

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  • CraigS We're planning to update to Wirecast 7.4 shortly and will let you know what happens.  Can you send a link to the Support Form?  Thanks.

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  • Gene Heathershaw 
    Wirecast Support Form

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