More robust chroma key features

Lots of people use Screenflow with green screens, yet the chroma key controls are very basic at only 3 adjustments settings. It would be awesome to have some fine tuning capabilities: matte view with B&W adjustment, spill control, defringe, etc. Something approaching the controls in AE or FCP would be nice. Thanks! -Frank
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  • Those are all good suggestions. Fill out the form and certainly make the feature requests. Those are good details on the settings you'd like to see.
    ScreenFlow feature request form

  • Thanks, I have already submitted that request (Telestream Case #00360367) in the past (May 2015), so I won't repeat it since it's already in Telestream's customer bucket list. I am guessing that chroma key feature upgrades aren't a priority, at least not for ScreenFlow 6 which was released today. I do mostly green screening and find the current 3 slider controls lacking for fine tuning, so I think I will skip this upgrade and wait for ScreenFlow 7. I still love the product for non-chroma key screen capture. Is there any way to find out if Telestream is interested in chroma key enhancements in the future ... since I never got any indication of planned enhancements after my initial feature suggestion. Keep up the good work! Love ScreenFlow 5 regardless.

  • Frank Stonehouse sometimes some under the hood work gets done allowing opening the door to feature implementation. You should follow up in an email with your case number pointing out it's not there yet. Continued interest can make a difference.

  • OK ... for now, I'll continue doing all my chroma key stuff and green screening with Apple Motion 5 then import that in alpha format into ScreenFlow 5. Works just fine, I was just hoping to be able to cut that step out with the next ScreenFlow major update ... maybe if I keep suggesting nicely, Telestream will include it an upcoming minor update. Thanks .... ScreenFlow is awesome!

  • Sorry about having to do a workaround to get the added control. We are working on it.

    In case anyone is following this thread and wants to see how it currently works, here's our tutorial. It might put the suggested improvements in context.


  • CraigS Please improve the quality of your Chroma Key.  Honestly, it does not compare to Premiere, OBS, and other tools.  This is a major drawback of the software. I really like Screenflow otherwise. 

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  • J Kong The developers do want to understand what specific improvements you want. Please fill out the Feature Request form I previously posted and detail the features you want changed and improved. Perhaps list features you're seeing in other programs you'd like to see in ScreenFlow.

  • CraigS Ive tried to submit but your reCAPTCHA keeps crashing which is probably why there's been so few requests in recent years!

  • I thought I could rely on this in the midst of COVID19 - preparing videos for school. Challenging to get it right. PLEASE fix this for next update.

  • Paul Allen said:
    your reCAPTCHA keeps crashing

     Try a second time. Seems to work for me after it crashed the first time.

  • The poor chroma key functionality has me looking at other solutions...

  • Luminance keys!!!  These are absolutely essential as the existing chroma keyer can't even change the color at all.  It literally does not change so I can't use it to key any graphic or text elements that aren't on green.  It's all well & good to think "well they should have an alpha channel!" but very often they simply don't, and that's life.  A basic luma keyer would save the day (or the ability to choose the chroma key color from an imported image!)

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