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We are currently live streaming to Facebook, and while it works well, each week we have to sign back into facebook by going into output settings and clicking "change", otherwise if we don't do that first, and we start the stream, it will give us an RTMPS error. Is this normal behavior? We're on Wirecast 13.0, but it also happened on version 12. 

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  • It's possible it's a Facebook security change. I just had to log in again through Wirecast.

    Once you've logged in through Wirecast quit, restart Wirecast, Authenticate again. I just did that and it now works as expected.

    I have my account set to two factor authentication so I had to enter a code the first time but after the quit and restart it authenticated again without issue.

  • CraigS We only use wirecast once a week. Every time we have to keep logging back in. It would be nice to not have to login every time :) 

  • Mike Competillo  It may be a Facebook security Issue. We can't control that. If you can log back in after the sign-in and that holds for a bit then it's like them logging you out. You can always log in the day before so you're still logged in for the next day. Otherwise, you can try generic RTMP Server and see if it holds manually. 

  • CraigS We have tried the generic RTMP stream and it does work fine, but we are trying to make it easier for our volunteers to start a stream without having to open up multiple windows to start streaming. Is there anyway to do the RTMP stream without having to actually open facebook to get the stream url every time? Similar to how the YouTube RTMP stream works 

  • Mike Competillo  Facebook requires that you use their online interface or the API we've integrated. Perhaps if you sign in once a week in the middle of the week with Wirecast, in addition to your show, it will maintain that.

  • Mike Competillo    You can report this but it's likely the best we can do is bring up with Facebook but if they do it for security reasons they may not change it. 

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