Why are Screenflow videos from bigger screen blurry?

Hey guys!

At the moment I am recording a little screencast with Screenflow.

If I record my LG Ultra HD screen (resolution: 5120 x 2880) the exported video (1920x1080, coding quality: slowest) are a bit blurry. It's hard to read the text in the video..
I will attach a file (LG_Macbook.mp4) of one recording: In this Screenflow file I added first added a recording of my LG Ultra HD screen and then of my MacBook Pro screen (resolution: 2560 x 1600). Both are a bit blurry.

But, if I record only the macbook in a separate file, it isn't blurry at all (file: "OnlyMacbook.mp4").

Actually, I only want to record from the LG Ultra HD screen.. But the result at the moment is too bad. The Macbook recording was only for test purposes.

Thank you for your help!!

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    Scaling can impact quality. If your target is 1920x1080 see if you can set your UltraHD monitor to that to avoid scaling.

    Encoder settings impact quality. You may need to use a higher bitrate setting. 

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