Framing Wirecast Shots w/ Rendezvous


I use Rendezvous often with a remote guest. I bring the guest into shots that I'm combining with layers for lower-thirds, etc...


So I need to use the scale, crop, etc... tools to get the layers in the right place. The problem is that I have to do that every time the guest joins even though we do the same show every week. It doesn't save the scale or crops for the Rendezvous guests it seems.

Hopefully I'm explaining this well. Is there a way around this? Framing up a bunch of shots each time is a pain.

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  • According to support, this is not supported.

  • Hunter Hillegas You may want to do a screen recording so the developers can see what's happening. With that, you may want to make it a feature request (post in the feature request forum for public voting).

  • Hunter Hillegas Since each new session is just that, there may not be an easy way to tie the setting to a pre-established shot. 

    Perhaps if the user could create a user-customizable template so they could then attach the guest shot, that could work.

    Something like the templates that we have but can be modified and saved by the user.

  • Yes, exactly.

  • CraigS said:
    templates that we have but can be modified and saved by the user.

    See WIRE-8208 and #00599544 and the community tracker where user configurable templates have been previously documented.

    As for the specific question about Rendezvous - this would work well. Yes, there is currently no editor to allow user editing. However, I have tested with custom templates and put them in the virtual sets directory and I can confirm it works.

    The one caveat. Scaling. When you replace a shot, the object never matches the template. Scaling issues are tracked in WIRE-15512 and probably others as well. The solution, after adding your object against the template - you will need to re-apply the template to make it look normal.


  • Hunter Hillegas Please do post in the Wirecast Feature Request Forum so people can vote on it.

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