Desktop Presenter and Syphon sources flickering

I recently upgraded to Wirecast 10 (and now 11) after using 7 Pro for some time.  Using v7.x, I would occasionally notice a quick, white fullscreen flicker on Wirecast, and thus on the stream.  After upgrading to 10 and 11, I began to notice more clearly what was happening.

Our Wirecast setup is pulling camera and audio from a Blackmagic Ultrastudio Express capture device.  Additional input is received from two ProPresenter 6 sources through Desktop Presenter, one on the same system as WIrecast for lower thirds (though I've been more recently experimenting with pulling this feed through Syphon) and one for song lyrics from another iMac on the network.  I'm applying chroma key to the DTP input so that they can overlay the camera feed.

Last week I noticed more clearly that one of my Desktop Presenter Shots, which was set to pull from the DTP locally, would briefly grab the screen from the remote source, causing the flicker.

I tested with the Syphon from ProP6 input in place of the local DTP input to see if this would avoid grabbing the remote DTP feed, but this shot likewise flickered from Syphon to remote DTP and back.

(On webcasts in which I'm not pulling from the remote DTP source, Syphon is showing its own strange behavior in that the feed appears to quickly disconnect/reconnect randomly.  I do not yet know if that's a Wirecast, ProP6 issue, or otherwise.)

Has anyone else experienced this activity or know of a workaround?  Thank you.

  • macOS Sierra 10.12.6 up until my last webcast (working with High Sierra 10.13.6 moving forward)
  • Wirecast 11.0.0 Pro
  • iMac 2013, 3.5 GHz Intel Core i7, 32 GB memory, NVDIA GeForce GTX 4096 MB
  • Sources: Blackmagic Ultrastudio Express
    2 Desktop Presenter inputs pulling from ProPresenter 6
    (1 local, 1 on remote iMac on network)
  • 3 streams sent to ChurchStreaming.tv (2 at 1750 and 700 kbps) and YouTube (1 at 1.75 Mbps)
  • Canvas 1280x720
  • CPU averages in the 40%-60% range; higher during rapid camera switching
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  • Wirecast 11 requires High Sierra. Please confirm you running Wirecast on High Sierra when testing. Please confirm that the issue was using that OS.

    There's no need to use Desktop Presenter locally (on same computer as Wirecast). Please test using Wirecast's built in Screen Capture on the local source only in a news document with no other sources to confirm that is working properly.

  • Wirecast 11 has been working well in High Sierra.  We continued to experience the flicker with DTP until we implemented the Screen Capture function (which I'm surprised I overlooked).  Thus far this appears to have solved the issue.  Thank you.

  • John D. Shull You're welcome of course.

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