Stinger with sound

  • Hi.

  • Got a problem with the brand new "Stinger" function

  • Love it, but i can't have any sound when i import a video to use it as a stinger in the "stinger window" ... so sad to get a great alpha animation without any sound :(

  • Hope you will find an issue :)

  • Thanks

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  • I certainly think other users would be interested in this.
    Fill out the feature request form below. Any other users who'd like this also fill out the form since development can be influenced by the number of requests.

    Wirecast Feature Request Form

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  • @CraigS  Done. Thanks Craig. 

  • Jibril Lah You're welcome of course.

  • Did you have a work around for this? I agree with audio with stingers are a necessity for some. 

  • Christopher Van Hoose We're certainly looking at this one. Fill out the previously posted Feature Request form so we can get your specific contact information.

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  • CraigS great! Thank you. I have submitted the form. 

  • Christopher Van Hoose There's a lot of interest in this so I personally think it'll happen.

  • I thought I had a work-around for no audio but there was a problem.  I use a stinger transition for my instant replays.  My instant replays are run with a replay template.  I placed the audio file from the stinger inside the replay template. I specified remove (NOT loop) for the audio file.  It works perfectly for playing individual replays as the audio goes in sync with the transition.  But for halftime and end game, I accumulate the replays in a playlist.  This cause the audio file to change back to loop so that the stinger audio plays over and over!  Wonder if anyone has a fix for this and in the meantime wanted to know if there is any progress on getting the stinger transition to play audio.

  • Jeffrey Feldman This thread is for feature request voting. If you want to discuss fixes or workarounds please start another topic. You can always tag people if you want to invite them into a discussion.

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  • I definitely vote "YES" to getting the audio into the stingers.  This is vital.

  • Jeffrey Feldman You have to click the vote button. It's currently showing "0" votes. 

  • CraigS OK, done.  I hope these others vote as well.

  • Jeffrey Feldman I think this should be a popular item.

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  • Just voted. This is important!

  • Voted up as well!

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