Wirecast 13.0 BETA 2 - August 28, 2019





Release Notes attached.

(See end of this post for links to the latest 12.x build - in case you want to roll back)

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Hello Wirecast Users!

Thank you for all your testing on our Wirecast 13 Beta. We have been working hard fixing these and loads of other issues that our crack QA team is finding, and wanted to submit a new, improved version of our Wirecast 13 Beta, which I will hereby officially dub “13.0 Beta 2”.

Please take a look and put it through its paces. Below is a list of the reported bugs that we have fixed. (Note, there are hundreds of other little fixes we’ve made specifically around the new features and improvements that we added to version 13, that I won’t mention, since they were found by our QA team, and you may have not even noticed them.)

Fixes and Improvements

  • WIRE-16114 / WIRE 15624 – Added support for PTZOptics PT12X-ZCam, for which we added a message in the PTZ Control Window that this device does not support pan/tilt controls. (It only zooms).
  • WIRE-16120 – Fixed an issue where ProRes files caused Wirecast to crash. (Thank you MP)
  • WIRE-16125 – Fixed the Image Carousel – which is also fixed in 12.2.1, by the way.
  • WIRE 16128 – We wrangled the width and height input fields for a solid color shot and put them back where they belong. (Thank you MP)
  • WIRE 16196 – Now when you modify the Source Properties of Blackmagic devices while ISO recording, your Preferences for the device will not become corrupt.
  • WIRE 16200 – We now warn busy users that the Facebook Speed Test can take several minutes. (Thank you IAG)
  • WIRE-16201 – Fixed a hang that happened if you took the very specific action to add a playlist shot, move it and then click at the top of Wirecast.
  • WIRE-16202 – On Windows, we fixed an issue where certain keys took a vacay and ceased to function when adding text to the Source area. (Thank you MP)
  • WIRE-16213 – Eradicated an egregious bug that would cause Wirecast to slow down or eventually hang when the audio properties panel was open. That was a doozy. (Thank you MJ)
  • WIRE-16217 – We added back the menu bar, which would mysteriously disappear when you opened the Advanced Rendezvous Audio Mixer on Mac.
  • WIRE-16219 – The preset up and down arrows in the PTZ Controller Window no longer stubbornly send a recall command when pushed. (Thank you JP)
  • WIRE-16235 – The ISO filename no longer reverts to default after choosing a destination.
  • WIRE-16260 / WIRE-16054 – When an interlaced video gets added as a shot, deinterlacing now appears as an option. The default setting is to perform no deinterlacing. (Thank you EB)
  • WIRE-16271 – Fixed an issue where most SD video (720x480) from Blackmagic and other devices were coming in with improper scaling.
  • WIRE-16283 – Fixed an issue where m3u8 files were flickering when added as a Web Stream source. (Thank you CP)

NOTE:  We have disabled the Source Preview window, which we briefly introduced in the first BETA. This feature will return, once we have time to fine-tune it and make sure it’s an absolute pleasure to use.

See the attached release notes to see the full list of fixes, improvements and changes we've made to version 13. 

Thank you!


Here are quick links you can use to roll back to the latest released build:

Links to the Wirecast 12.2.1 installers:



Or visit our Download page to find installers for previous builds: https://dynamic.telestream.net/downloads/download-wirecast.asp?prodid=wirecast

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