Podcasting with ScreenFlow on Mac

Howdy Folks,


I have been using screenflow to capture desktop stuff, but was continuing to use the old GarageBand 6.0.5 software because of the audio ducking feature (which was removed from the new GarageBand). Now that ScreenFlow 8 can do ducking, I am migrating over to using it as my podcasting software.


I wanted to see if anyone had come up with an optimal setup for podcasting with Screenflow. I want to get the best quality possible and figured others might have already covered this ground.




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  • It certainly would be interesting to hear what users have to say.

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  • CraigS Yeah, I was poking around yesterday and the ability to customize presets seemed pretty sparse... or maybe I am just not seeing the right tool to get it don.

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  • Robert Whitelaw Styles allow you lots of customization of Actions.

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  • In chapter 2 of my ScreenFlow Essential Training course published on LinkedIn Learning and Lynda.com there is a movie on Multi-Mic recording. In there I show you how to use the build in Audio Midi app to create a custom multichannel mic input so you can record a podcast show with multiple people all having their own USB mic plugged into a single mac. ScreenFlow can keep each mic separated into its own channel as I show in the movie. Other than that, make sure your mic is properly calibrated so you have the right input levels. In a later chapter I show how to use the Ducking feature. Hope that helps.

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  • Chris Mattia Good tip especially since aspects of Apple's Audio Midi Setup is not well understood.

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  • I'll be watching this thread too.

    I'm also planning on using ScreenFlow to record my podcast (maybe podcasts). I'm not sure how the feature-set might compare to other options, though that are more specialized to the task. But, as I'm starting out fresh, I don't have any particular expectations.

    I'll probably experiment with a few options (ie: Audacity, etc.), but am hoping I don't have to go towards Audition or Logic for a while.

    I think multi-track recording and ducking, as well as good control of the levels would be the main things. I suppose there is workflow related stuff (like how quickly one can chop out a section and merge, etc.) but I'd think think that stuff would apply to video too (so hopefully be as good in ScreenFlow as others).

    Then there is specialized audio processing stuff, but I'd rather use more dedicated tools for that anyway, such as Auphonic once I have my editing done.

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