No sound in recordings after crash


During the streaming & recording the power supply went away for a second and the computer stopped.

Now when I check the recorded video I can play it but it has no sound!?!?  If i check it with VLC it shows no sound track.

Could someone give a tip how can I reapair this MP4 file to get back the sound track ?

Thank You!


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  • I'd love to help but I need more information. What version Wirecast and what OS?
    Recent versions of Wirecast generally save most of the file in the event of a crash or corruption.

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  • CraigS Windows 7 prof.  &  Wirecast 7.6.  

    And yes, WC saved almost the whole video, but it has no audio track. If I open it with VLC player, I can play it almost until the end. It stops before the last 10 minutes...  So the video seems to work but without audio...

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  • Zsombor Marton Do update to Wirecast 7.7 as updates include fixes.

    Is it possible there was an issue recording audio regardless of the crash?

    Update to 7.7 and do a test just using a webcam and built in mic and recording using an mp4 preset. Let's just make sure audio recording is working generally.

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  • Sorry, I used 7.7 !!   

    It was a 8 hours long event and I recorded it in many slice...  I stoped and started again when new presenter come...   Because every recording  had a good video and audio qualitay (before and after the power loss) I don't think if it had a regardless problem... 

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  • Zsombor Marton usually a crash only damages the last 20 seconds or less of the file. That's why I think there may be another issue but perhaps something about the crash did damage the audio of the recording. The only way to test that would be risky since you'd have to remove the power to duplicate the circumstances.

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