Improvement requests for a Subtitle QC & Spotter workflow

Hi there. I'd like to make some improvement requests for Telestream Switch based on what I've seen of version 4.0:


— Allow usage of TTML subtitles that have a DFXP (Netflix) file extension. Currently have to rename such files to XML.


— A drop-shadow is very much needed when displaying subtitles. White subtitles against a bright video image (such as daylight sky) are barely visible.


— Would like the ability to have audio be audible when doing frame-by-frame scrubbing. This is would allow Switch to be usable for ADR spotting, rather than having them use an NLE.


— Scrubbing through a Blu-Ray quality (30mbps) H264 video file is unusably slow. Seeking to anywhere in a video needs to be near instantaneous, or at least to perform as well as Quicktime X or an NLE.


Thank you!

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  • Certainly worthwhile suggestions.

    LP will document those for you.

  • CraigS Request documented in engineering database. 

  • LP Thanks for that.

  • Switch 4.1 adds DFXP (Netflix) file extension to the list of allowed extensions when adding a secondary subtitle file.

  • LP Thanks for confirming the new feature.

  • Hi there, I would like to add a request as well. Certainly agree on the dropshadow btw! I would like to see that the background for Closed Captions would be transparent. There is no way to check if they are overlapping any burned-in text now. 



  • Jimmy Certainly. Please do fill out the Feature Request Form below. It's important that the developers hear from as many people as possible individually.

    ScreenFlow Feature Request Form

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