Screnflow 7 Lost connections to all images used in video.

All of the images in my media library are now blank, and so all of the places I used them in the video are now blank/empty as well. I haven't moved, changed or updated the images.

Is there a way to re-link everything, or do I have to reimport and re-place those images in the hundred or so places again?


Also, Screenflow needs a "This media is identical to one already in your library. Use original?" feature instead of replicating the same media 5-6 times.

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  • Can you list the steps to reproduce this?
    What OS?
    Are these Photos images?
    Where are your Photos stored if it is your Photos library?
    Did you save the ScreenFlow project?

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  • macOS 10.12.6, the photos are images (jpg, and psd), all the files are on my desktop with the Screenflow file that I've been working on for several days (and saving constantly).

    I did get a missing (long series of letters and numbers) .scc file error when opening it this morning.

    Fortunately I have daily backups so I was able to replicate all the work I'd done this morning. Much faster than replacing all the images that indicated left/right mouse clicks and keyboard shortcuts.

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  • Mark Sweeney Once the document is saved they should be stored in the document. I'm not sure if PSDs are supported.

    Right click on the saved ScreenFlow document, select Show Package Contents and then open the Media folder and tell me if you see the jpg and psd files there.

    You mention backkups. Are you saving the projects directly to DropBox, iCloud folders or something like that that syncs with the cloud?

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  • Mark Sweeney said:
    Is there a way to re-link everything, or do I have to reimport and re-place those images in the hundred or so places again?

     ScreenFlow supports this. You can, for example, edit in Photoshop and save it and it will update in ScreenFlow.

    Page 144 of the User Guide

    Note: Videos, images,and audio files imported into the media library remainlinked to their original source. If a source file is modified, ScreenFlow will advise you, and offer to reload the modified file. When ScreenFlow reloads a file, it automatically updates the library, timeline, and canvas. This makes it easy to edit your video, audio, and images—and automatically update them in your ScreenFlow projects.

    BTW this may mean if you move the originals the links may break. If you're importing from your desktop and then do some "housekeeping" it might be the cause of broken links. For the sake of organization I'd use a folder that's going to stay put some place if it's a document you're going to go back to over a few days or longer.

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