Live Closed Captioning

We're streaming an event with Wirecast to Youtube, and have been told that we need to provide live closed captioning during the event. Is there any software that I can easily add to my workflow to enable this?

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  • Something interesting this way comes.

    Currently you'll need to use a CDN that can work with third party captioning service.

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  • You may want to watch this for some ideas as well.

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  • If we bought a license for CaptionMaker Pro, would that do it?

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  • Some recommend using EZLiveCaption.

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  • Shannon Johnson CaptionMaker may but you'll have to ask them about integration.

    CaptionMaker Overview

    Captioning and Subtitling for any Windows and Mac workflow

    Captioning and subtitling for file based workflows, OTT web and mobile, NLEs, assembly and media management, live broadcast and webcast, DVD and Blu-Ray.


    Contact CaptionMaker technician about live webcast integration details.

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  • See this as well for CaptionMaker. CaptionMaker support will help you with the details.


    Live Web Captioning:

    The dificulty with live web captioning is how to get the caption data from the source (broadcast feed, etc.) to the end user. Most web streaming encoders and web technologies were designed to convey only video and audio, not captions.

    Uvault, a live streaming provider and content delivery network, has added closed captioning support to its network. Telestream’s live captioning software can send the captions to Uvault’s servers, which then deliver them to the end users along with the video.

    Another option is Wowza Media Server, which as of version 3.6 can receive embedded CEA-608 captions inside the video stream and pass them on to the clients. If your video encoder can insert/preserve CEA- 608 captions into the encoded stream which is sent to Wowza, then it can deliver various types of captions to the viewers, depending on what kind of device or software they’re using to view the stream. If you are a TV broadcaster, then your captioned broadcast feed should already contain CEA-608 captions. All you need is a web encoder (e.g. H.264 streaming encoder) that will preserve the CEA-608 closed captions data.

    Telestream is eager to work with other streaming providers and encoder manufacturers to enable live closed captioning support in their streaming web video products.

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  • I believe this may be native to youtube - Check the article

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  • Shannon Johnson 


    YouTube Supports Caption Maker


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  • Greg Kuhnert being rolled out. Be on the lookout for it in the YouTube Control Room. We'll see if/when it makes it into the API.


    YouTube says it’s leveraging its live automatic speech recognition (LASR) technology to serve captions on live streams when professionally provided captions aren’t available. LASR-powered captions won’t be perfect but the error rates and latency are close to industry standards, YouTube claims. The addition makes YouTube one of the first major video platforms to offer live captioning.

    The feature will roll out to YouTube Live in the weeks ahead.

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  • It was actually the nebulous nature of where exactly Live Captioning was right now that made me ask the question. I saw that Youtube was going to be rolling it out, but didn't know if it would be available by the time my event is (it's in early May), or if we'd have time to test it, or if it would be better to buy some software that can do it, or pay for a third-party service.

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  • Shannon Johnson Things are certainly in a state of flux. In the meantime YouTube does state they support Caption Maker so you may want to talk to support about your specific implementation needs.

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