I have my webcam 3 layers down, with overlays in the layers above it.  It wont let me move it.  I i select it in the "Shot layers" they go over to move it, it just clears out what i selected, or moved the item from the top layer.


Is this yet another bug in wirecast 9 or did you change how to move things.

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  • I'm having trouble understanding this one.  Which part of the layer re-ordering process isn't working for you?  I just tested this now with Wirecast 9.0.1 and re-ordering works fine for me.  Do you have a screenshot of your document you could provide?

  • Not reordering... moving an asset.  Specially my webcam.

    You used to be able to click the video in the preview monitor and move it... left or right, up or down with your mouse.  Now it doesn’t allow me to do that anymore.  It just make a box, like a highlight box with my mouse.

    I will try and record my screen later and show you.

    The only way I can move it, is if I hide all the layers above it.  In the past all I had to do was click on the asset I wanted to move and then I could move it with my mouse. Now it only lets me move the top layer, despite first click the webcam video, which is 3 layers down under two overlays.  

  • I made a video showing you the issue and uploaded it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19pGOQjsWZotdW-AVfnr0ds6ozkxZn-2a/view?usp=sharing

  • Hi Moxu  and Amador Custer .

    I have had similar issues, but not reported it yet. Basically, the problem appears to be that asset selection within preview was previously associated with the most recent shot you selected. In 9.x, it appears that selecting objects in general is broken. Here's a simple exercise that will help Telestream to replicate the fault.

    • Open a 100% new document
    • Create a new shot with a virtual set.
    • Disable the foreground and background layers from displaying
    • Un-hilight ALL lays in the shot component list.
    • Try to highlight the A or B placeholder - You cannot. The only way to select these objects to change properties in the current version is via the shot component lists.


  • These bugs are ridiculous and unacceptable in a $1000 program.  When can we expect a fix?

  • Greg Kuhnert Moxu  I've confirmed the issue. Sorry about that.
    Do both report it and link to example and steps and we'll work on the fix.


    Wirecast Support Form

  • I already did that here.  I need to do it somewhere else also?  How long will it take for this to be fixed?

  • Moxu The developers want the form filled out (link I provided) so they can log the issue as you report it and communicate with you directly as needed.

    The forum alerts other users (and me if not yet reported) so they may also confirm and report and I can verify and/or troubleshoot as necessary.

  • Yeah I'm having the same problem and its a major pain the butt.  It's adding probably 20 min to my setup time having to move layers around numerically.  Hope this is fixed real soon.

  • Yarwad Do fill out the form and let us know the details. We need to understand some of the details behind the issue as we investigate the fix.

  • Im attempting to complete the form, but accessing the serial number isnt clear. the link for mac on the page only demonstrates for wirecast v 3, v4 and v5 - not 9

  • Peter Groom Serial numer is in Wirecast > Preferences > Licenses.

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