Facebook streaming with 48kHz audio samplerate ?


we would like to change the default settings for audio samplerate from 44.1 to 48kHz.Inside the default settings for destination "Facebook Live", this seems to be imposssible.

Step1: i create a new encoding preset with name "Facebook: 720p30 (2Mbps) x264 H.264 48kHz

Step2: i try to choose this preset in the output settings while having activated the destination "Facebook Live".

No way. Did i happen to overlook anything?

The reason why we tried this is here:

recommended audio settings:

    Audio-Sample-Rate: 48 KHz

    Audio-Bitrate: 128 Kbit/s Mono

    Audio-Codec: AAC


And the reason for this change is, that we have problems with our streaming to Facebook.


Livestreaming is ok, but after having finished the streaming, Facebook renders the stream to VoD. And on IOS, the VoDs are not available. With Android no problem.

I know, two problems in one post is not good to mention, but at this point i am merely interested in the topic, if i can change samplerates within a given Facebook default template.

Kind regards,


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