Wirecast 7.2 - Pops during transmission

Hello, CraigS

I got a perfomance slowdown and some pops on the viewport and it even goes to the livestreaming.

Every time that I selecting any item on the layers, change photos in a playlist or slide the mark-in (video) in the preview window, EVERY pratically operation in Wirecast during the tranmission or not, causes the pops and fast freezes.

I uploaded my complete transmission, to you hear the pops

Some exemples:

7:24 (changing photos)
7:30 (changing photos)
8:05 (changing photos)
8:42 (changing photos)

18:43 (rude pop on changing some in layers)
19:54 (rude pop on changing some in layers)



My setup:

OS X 10.11.6
Wirecast Pro 7.2.0 

Mac Pro 6,1 - Quad-Core Intel Xeon E5 (FE253)

Input sources:

1- Blackmagic Mini Recorder (Thundebolt)
1- Blackmagic Intensirty Shuttle (USB3.0)
3- Blackmagic Mini Monitor (PGM) (Thundebolt)


Blackmagic Production Studio 4k (go to Blackmagic Mini Recorder)
Output: 1080/59.94i


Canon 5D Mark 3 (go to Blackmagic Switcher)
Output: 1080/59.94i

In Wirecast:

Video Files: H264
Audio Files: MP3
Image Files: PNG
Animated Video layers: Apple Prores 444



Wirecast Preference
- General
   - Option 1: Disabled
   - Option 2: Enabled
   - Option 3: Enabled
   - Option 4: Enabled

Reconect: 3 times
Audio interface: Built-in Output

- Performance
   -Exibition: 24p 
   -Live icons: Disable
   -QPS: 50%

- Advanced
   -High Quality video: Disable
   -YUV on GPU: Enabled

-Web Transmition: Disabled

Wirecast Canvas size 

Streaming and Recording encoder settings
Defautl: 720x720/30p (2Mbps) x264 - for mobile

Wirecast Output Statistics (CPU%, fps, connection green bars). 

CPU%: 16%~25%
Fps: 30
Connection: 1500kbps~2500kbps

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  • Make sure you've updated to Blackmagic driver 10.8.2 (confirm the version in your next post) and test again.
    Given what I'm seeing and hearing it may be related to the audio configuration in the shots and/or related to going to imported files. It's also may be related to Performance Video Display Rate (Exhibition) set to 24p. 

    Simplify the setup and run a test. In a New Document, set Performance Video Display Rate to 30fps, use only the MiniRecorder and the Shuttle and switch back and forth. Don't import any media and disconnect the MiniMonitor.

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  • Thanks, CraigS


    In this video that i've sent you, the Blackmagic Driver was already update (10.8.2).


    After your instructions, I've followed, precisely, those steps:


    Disconected all devices, leaving only Blackmagic Mini Recorder

    Restarted MacPro

    Reseted Preferences in Wirecast

    Set Performance Video Display Rate to 30fps

    Created a New Document

    Put Capture Device-Blackmagic Mini Recorder in layer 2 (only)

    Started transmission

    Send the shot in layer 2, to PGM.


    But, when i click in ''+" symbol in layer 1, and select Web Exhibition, the same problem occurs.


    If i let the streaming goes, without any operation, no pops and fast freezes show up.


    Hope you can help me.

    Thanks for your attention

  • But, when i click in ''+" symbol in layer 1, and select Web Exhibition, the same problem occurs.

    Please explain in more detail. Are you trying to add a Web shot while streaming and an audio pop occurs. That's an important detail. That would mean the issue is related to adding shots.

    What happens if you try to add webcam video for example or maybe import a picture or video file? This can help indicate whether the issue is related to any imported file versus a video source for example.

  • Hi, CraigS,


    About the pops when adding an Web Exhibition,  that was only an example.


    Those pops occurs in many kind of operations, as i described in the first post of this topic.


    I uploaded two more examples where the pops and fast freezes occurs:


    1- When sliding the mark in of the video in preview



    2- In any operation with images and videos.



    (Only BM Mini recorder in example 2, capturing a notebook in hdmi)


    All without streaming... when the streaming is on, same problem...



  • Bruno Menezes your examples seem to involve adding shots and sources.

    I'd like to see examples after the shots have been added and you're making a transition.

  • CraigS in video 2, at 3:00, all shots have been added.


    When i do the transitions from PGM, the pops and freezes in audio and video, came back again.

  • Bruno Menezes does this only happen while web shot is being used? I want to make sure that that is the issue.

  • CraigS the TV NOISE (shot) is not a Webshot, is it a notebook sending image thru hdmi to Blackmagic Mini Recorder.

  • Bruno Menezes Thanks for that. Fill out the form and use that shot as the example. Make sure you describe the sources involved.

    Wirecast Support Form

  • I have these "pops" since version 5.x when using cut transition between shots with more than one input. That's got nothing to do with Blackmagic drivers. That's just one of the 100 little bugs and problems in Wirecast. My normal workaround is to use "dissolve" or "smooth" transition in fast transition mode.

  • Sebastian Greiner I assume you've reported and included the sources you used in the cut transition.

  • Sebastian Greiner Have you found any other workarounds to fixing the pops?  I'm experiencing the same popping during transitions on a Macbook Pro 2015 running 10.12.1  I tried changing the transitions to fastest and the popping is still there.

  • Dan Francis There may be a number of causes for that. Please do make sure you've updated to Wirecast 7.3 and post your complete details.

  • Dan Francis 


    Hi Dan.

    I have had the same problem but have found out a workaround.

    I´ve placed my  sound input on a lower layer than my video inputs. 

    For exempel: My input of the sound card is on layer 3 and my camera inputs on layer 4.

    In this case I got rid of the pops.




  • Johan E. Andersson In general, when you have continuous sound, it's good to put it on it's own Master Layer as you seem to be doing.

  • CraigS 

  • The thing is, when my sound card was on a higher layer than my cameras I got the problems with the sound "pops" in every straight cut I made. The problem disapeared first when I put the sound card on a layer before the cameras. ( lower layer)

  • Johan E. Andersson Interesting tip. You should report that using the support form previously posted. The Master Layer order relative to the video seems to be a factor. I always put it on a Master Layer below the video sources.

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