rss feed not working

i am using wirecast 7 and am unable to get rss feed to work any help would be appreciated

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  • Make sure you've updated to Wirecast 7.3.
    We've confirmed the issue and are investigating the fix.
    Do fill out the form so we can get your info if we need to contact you about this.

    Wirecast Support Form

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  • So what's the solution to this issue? Same problem over here. 

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  • Radi We're working on this. You should fill out the form I posed above and report the issue as that can give us your direct contact info if you'd like to follow up.

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  • I have completed the form above, but asking because I am trying to pull something off tonight and the RSS feed would be very important. I am a bit disappointed that we are on version 7.4 and I don't have it working. Thought maybe it was an RSS that wasn't designed right, but I can even get a news organization like CNN's to work at all... just won't show up. Is there a solution?

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  • Dave McHugh They're still working on the issue. You can send an email with your case number and as for a status update.

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  • Hey  CraigS . Has this issue been resolved?  I wish to experiment with this and using txt files in scrolls.  Also, can you point me in the direction of another thread which discusses txt file formatting?  Thank you.

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  • Anthony Velez It's still being investigated. Please do fill out the support form I previously posted so we can give you a case number and have your contact info.

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  • URL in RSS feed is not active?! what should I do? (Wirecast 7.5) 

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  • naser hz Fill out the form I previously posted and ask for a status update.

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