Video cache issue

Hi all, 

I'm having issues with a re-imported video file with muxed subs because it's assuming that I'm watching an old file (which is not true because this new one has different line 21 subs). I've noticed as well that it doesn't load it up like it was a new file. 

I'm assuming the quick turn around would be clearing up the cache. Does anyone know how can I do it?


Thank you,
Pedro Souto

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  • Switch 3.1?
    Have you seen this with more than one file or file type?
    Does it have the exact same name as the old file?

    If you mean "Recent Media" list you can select anything in that list and Clear it.

    Include step by step so we can reproduce this.

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  • You could deleting

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  • Hi Craig, Thanks for your replies.
    I'm using version 3.0.3 and this is the first one I'm using. It does have the exact same name and I already removed it from the "recent media" list but still doesn't work. 

    Here are all the steps:

    - Opened the file (.ts);
    - Closed the file window;
    - Removed from recent media list;
    - Imported a new file with the same name and size (media is the same but the subs muxed are different)


    I'm using windows but I managed to find the net.telestream.switch.xml file. It's now working properly. Thanks a lot, Craig

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  • Good to hear you got it working. The windows equivalent more or less. Deleting and allowing the program to rebuild it can fix odd issues. Do stay current though as updates include fixes. 

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