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Question for all you pros out there: what if I don't want to use a streaming service like ustream or what have you, but want my live stream to be on my own website? I know, bandwidth. not a problem.  What software would anyone recommend I use or method for streaming to my own site? Thanks:) Windows/Wirecast Pro 7.

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  • If you want your own server I would recommend a Wowza server. You can buy a perpetual license and that's it for the rest of your life.

    But then you have to question yourself what users could connect. Are these locals or from other regions around the world. Distance matters. So experience from the other side of the world is terrible. But then you can run another Wowza for the other side of the world. Then you might consider what happens if not only a few users try to get your stream. It's one server that is the origin of all. Simple math. Let's say you stream at 2mbit/s to 1000 clients. It's then 2000mbit/s for you connection speed plus headroom. Then you load balance between a few servers to handle to load. So you quickly come to a point where managing all this and paying for the operation is exceeding what you spend on a service contract.

    All this consideration is taken away from you if you go for a service like ustream, dacast, Akamai or wowza streaming cloud. They care for the sizing and you pay for the traffic.

    Services start as little as 15$ a month. As long as you don't do any special stuff that is only possible with your own server I would recommend a service. It's just taken the stress away from you.

  • Jens Jarke Great explanation. 
    Of course you can start with your own Wowza server and self distribute to your website but it's easy to outgrow bandwidth.

  • Thank you guys so much for that input. I will investigate Wowza cloud for sure. All this research can be confusing for a new girl. lol Is this along those lines as well or is this something altogether for different purposes? http://www.universalmediaserver.com/

  • I'd stick with Wowza since it's become a standard. You'll be able to get lots of user help and their tech support is very good to. They have video tutorials as well.



  • I love video tutorials. So what if its made by a 12 year old gamer. lol Thanks again:) 

  • They have lots of video tutorials although the person sounds older than 12 my guess. There are some pretty smart 12 year old gamers though.

  • Very true. Your Skype tutorials for instance helped me a great deal, you made things very clear step by step. Who doesn't love bear and kitty?! . Thank you can't wait to go through those links. :)

  • You're welcome of course.

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