Switch 4.1.1 Released February 15, 2018

  • 4 yrs ago

PDF Link to Release Notes

  1. Switch 4.1.1 FIXES

    Customer Issues

    • Fixed a bug that would cause timecode to remain at zero during playback in some formats.

    • Fixed a bug that prevented some MPEG Transport Streams from indexing.

    • Increased tolerance for some malformed MXF OP1a files so that they will no longer throw

      the unrecognized audio & video error when opened and can be played back successfully.


    • Prevented a possible hang when playing certain formats with embedded captions while caption decoding was turned on.

    • Fixed an issue that would cause a failure to recognize some J2K encoded content in the TIFO container.



  • Decoding of closed captions is not currently supported while Switch is configured to watch for growing files.

  • Frames with long durations make time display appear to stall because it always shows the presentation time of the current frame.

  • ASF files with variable frame rate display incorrect frame rate in the inspector.

  • Detection of interlaced content in Windows Media files is not currently supported.

  • WMV sources exported to H.264 in either MPEG-2 TS or PS containers can result in A/V synchronization problems.

  • Publishing settings are lost when canceling to edit settings to meet requirements.


  • Ancillary LTC timecode is not passed when using the KONA 4G card with the 4K driver.

  • Ancillary LTC timecode is not passed while seeking or scrubbing through media.

    Switch 4.1


  • Added the ability to decode and display Active Format Description codes in the frame metadata overlay.

  • Added support for decoding and playing the Google VP9 video.

    Customer Requested New Features

  • Expanded the range of allowable Teletext pages from 801-999 to 101-999.

  • Added video bit depth display to the inspector.


  • Switch now remembers when you mute/unmute audio and will reapply that setting to subsequent videos that are opened, even after relaunching the app.

  • Switch will now persist the last used audio volume levels and reapply those levels to newly opened movies.

  • Added additional flag colors for positive and neutral markers/comments on the timeline.

  • Added the ability to set a flag out-point via the user interface in the timeline.

  • Expanded the height of the flag title field in the inspector to accommodate up to three lines of text.

  • Added keyboard shortcut for Play/Pause All.

  • Added additional keyboard shortcuts for jumping to the start and end of the video using the Home and End keys. On Mac computers that do not have these keys, the same functionality can be accomplished with the Function+Left Arrow or Right Arrow, respectively.

  • Added menu items and keyboard shortcuts for jumping to mark-in and mark-out points.

  • Added the ability to frame step using the Page Up and Page Down keys. These are in

    addition to the default frame step shortcuts using the Left Arrow and Right Arrow keys.

  • Switch will now default the format of the SCC start timecode to the video frame rate, and if it is 29.97 or 59.94 frames per second, it will set it to drop or non-drop frame depending on the use of a semicolon or colon in the timecode values found inside the SCC file.

  • Switch will now default the start time for secondary subtitle files to the timecode of the first frame of video.

  • Switch will now default to applying a black background to WebVTT subtitles/captions.

  • Added the ability to pass-through HEVC into the MP4 container.

  • Added DXFP to the list of allowed file extensions when adding a secondary subtitle file using the Open File dialog.

  • Switch will now tolerate AAC HeV1 in containers whose decoder-specific information does not indicate SBR. We now parse the essence to determine if we can play back this codec.

  • Improved indexing performance when a blank Teletext page is accidentally selected.


    Customer Issues

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Switch from remembering the last Teletext page selected, including both when closing a document and when quitting Switch.

  • Switch is now more lenient with MPEG-2 Program Streams that start with invalid data.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the display of the decibel value for the minimum of the loudness range in the audio meters window.

  • Added a Matrixed Stereo (Lt and Rt) audio program. This allows audio to be recognized and displayed as such in the inspector rather than referring to it as “Dual Channel”.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the SCC timecode format to be set incorrectly (the time scale and frame duration were swapped) which resulted in wildly inaccurate durations and an inability to manually sync captions.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the default soloing of an audio track to be lost after audio coding analysis (Dolby-E detection) completed.

  • Fixed a bug that caused some CEA-608 captions that were extracted from CEA-708 data to have a variety of on screen rendering issues.

  • Fixed a bug that caused playback problems with GXF files that had a mark-in point that was not on an I-frame.

  • Fixed a bug in the handling of line breaks for vertical placement of SMPTE Timed Text secondary subtitles.

    Mac Specific

• Fixed a crash on macOS when clicking immediately to the left or right of the frames on the  timeline, which is only possible for files with so few frames that they do not fill the entire timeline.

• Switch for Mac will no longer allow minimization of windows that have a currently open sheet attached to them.


  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash when exporting from a particular Sony RAW file.

  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash when stepping or playing backwards with certain files.

  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash when opening a file with 6 channels of AAC audio whose speaker labels were not C, L, R, Lb, Rb, LFE.

  • If you enter a start time for a secondary subtitle file that is beyond the last subtitle in the file, we now automatically reset the start time to zero and retry loading the subtitle file. This prevents the situation where a user is unable to open future secondary subtitle files due to a faulty start time retained in the inspector, and unable to change the start time without clearing the application preferences.

  • Fixed a bug where some XAVC 100 Mpbs 4:2:2 59.94 fps TIFO files were mistaken for 29.97 fps.

  • Removed extra menu item from the Subtitle/Closed Caption Source menu when using Teletext.

  • Fixed a bug that caused auxiliary windows like the inspector and audio meters to be closed when closing the Welcome Screen while videos were still open.

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