Lost files in Screenflow

I've just reopened a file to complete a project and apart from the intro which were saved over into this project, it appears as blank. I still see all the parts in the edit window and the library shows a file but it appears as a ghost, meaning nothing plays and adding the file to the edit window seems to add no content. Attaching a screenshot.

Also my project is only showing 425kb for my 25 min project which is not correct.

• Computer hardware including screen size (MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015)
• OS version (10.13.2)
• ScreenFlow version (7.2) purchased direct from Telestream store
• external devices recording from and how are they connected to computer -  None
• Scratch disk location in preferences if it's hard drive record or playback issue   - says Start up Disk
• Free hard drive space - 194gb
• Number of Monitors if more than one and screen size of each-One
• Step by step workflow - saved project, all files for the project consolidated into a single folder on desktop, reopened 2 days later and then this!
• Source files used in your project- PNG's, MOV's converted from Zoom Mp4's to Apple ProRes.
• What you are recording. (What Program or Browser if relevant) - this was in editing.
• Sequence running time.- 20 mins
• Error messages if any - none
• Visual or auditory description of the issue. Attach screenshot if you think it will clarify. 

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  • Sorry about that. Fill out the form and report this immediately and we'll send you a case number and investigate this.


    Did you try rebooting the computer?
    If you Right Click on the Document and select Show Package Contents and open the Media folder what do you see inside?

    Just in case there are correlates, do you have any virus checkers or security software running on your system? Did you save the document directly to a cloud folder (DropBox, iCloud or similar)?

    ScreenFlow Support Form

  • CraigS Hi Craig

    Thanks for replying. I did reboot. No luck. :(

    Here's the Package Contents:


    Unfortunately the media file has only two items and I am stumped how that can be.

    I don't use virus checkers or security software and didn't save to cloud though it may well be in Backblaze.

  • CraigS btw Craig I'm a little confused by what form you're referring to?

  • Rod Francis ScreenFlow Support Form I posted above. Please fill that out ASAP. Note that you checked the Media folder as well.

  • CraigS Thanks Craig. Silly me. All done.

  • Rod Francis You're welcome of course. We'll investigate and see why this is happening. 

  • I have had the same thing happen to me. Hours and hours of work, and I open this new file, half the imported images are blanks. 

    I looked at my older stuff and half of that are blanks as well. 

    Need some help.


  • By the way, I attached a screenshot as well. 

  • Thomas Cook Hi Thomas. I ended up remaking the clip. I have no idea what happened but I suggest you use the  ScreenFlow Support Form   Just click that link (or the one above from Craig S). Hopefully they can offer something but fortunately I hadn't too many edits in there but exactly the same scenario as yours from what I can see.

  • Thx Rod. I have a ton of edits in multiple files. Did Telestream offer any help?

  •   Thomas Cook Hi Thomas. They offered to set up a call with a tech person but I'd already solved mine by then, meaning I'd remade it.

  • Got it. I will let you know how it goes.

  • Thomas Cook Yes, send in the form and we'll send you a case number and work with you to determine the cause. If need be, we'll work on the fix. Sorry you're experiencing this.

  • Thanks Craig. I did. The case number is 00537015

  • Thomas Cook You're welcome of course. We'll investigate.

  • Any resolution to this? Just happened to me today. 

  • Matt Heltzel The issue was with ScreenFlow 7.2
    ScreenFlow 7.3.2 and 8.2.2 shouldn't lose files under normal use.
    If you're having an issue and it's ScreenFlow 7.2 please update to 7.3.2. If you're having an issue with another version please start a new topic and include your ScreenFlow and macOS version.

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