Belkin Dock Thunderbolt 2 with two Blackmagic ultrastudio mini recorder on MacBook pro 2013 [help]

hello everyone, someone have try to use a Belkin dock (or similar) with two BM mini recorder on macbook pro?

i need to use 3 or 4 BM mini recorder on my macbook pro 2013 but i have only  2 thunderbolt.. i think to use one of this dock if it works correctly

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  • The 2013 MBP will only support one Mini Recorder on its two buses. There's a limit to the power on the buses. Even more recent MBP with 4 TB ports only support two due to bus power constraints.

    You can probably add a Magewell HDMI to USB3 device as a third source. It might support two of these (one on each USB3 input) but I haven't confirmed that.

    I've personally used 2 Mini Recorders and 1 Magewell device on a late 2013 15" MBPr so I can confirm that worked.

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  • tnx!!! CraigS , the blackmagic Intensity is the same of Magewell? work via usb3 or thunderbolt

    i have a macbook pro early 2013 i7 2,7ghz 16gb ram

  • Andrea Pacini the Blackmagic Intensity is garbage, especially with Wirecast. Spend the extra and get the Magewell. 

  • Christopher Sabato CraigS otherwise the BM ultra studio mini recorder usb3? 

  • CraigS ok.. the BMUS MR it doesn'tt exist anymore

  • Andrea Pacini Do not use Blackmagic USB3 products with Wirecast as Christopher notes. Magewell's HDMI to USB3 is driverless and more reliable.

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  • hello! i have find a solution with Elgato Cam Link, i know, it's HDMI but for my solution it's perfect and work perfectly on mac and pc!

    my tirth camera it's only for show the timing and the other 2 camera in SDI with two Blackmagic ultrastudio mini recorder for replay. that's all

  • Andrea Pacini Great to hear and thanks for the example screen shot too.


    Elgator Cam Link

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  • CraigS Have any users reported the ability to successfully connect 2 cameras via 2 BMD USMRecorders through a single USB C hub on a 2016 MacBook Pro 15''?

    I am short on ports as most people are, and am looking for ways that I can combine.

    My total amount of connection needs in/out of the MacBook Pro are:
    -3 Camera inputs. (I have 2 BMD USMRs & 1 Magewell USB 3 HDMI Capture.)

    -2 extended display outputs via the MultiViewer Output (1 fullscreen single shot output & 1 fullscreen program feed output)

    -Power charger into my laptop

    I have not yet purchased a USB-C hub.

    Based on my current research, it looks like I have to plug each extended display out into its own USB-C port on the laptop, leaving me with 2 remaining ports. My question is, can I plug in 3 cameras and a power delivery into my laptop with the remaining 2 ports, using some type of USB-C hub?

  • Derrick Minyard said:
    2 BMD USMRecorders through a single USB C hub on a 2016 MacBook Pro 15''?

     The MiniRecorders are TB3 which, despite the same physical shape, is different technology. TB3 ports on the MBP can also function as USBC ports but TB3 devices must be connected through a TB3 path as there are chips in such devices that manage the data. This is why TB3 cables are more expensive that USBC cables.

    The MBP can only handle two total MiniRecorders because of total power demands across the busses.

  • CraigS Thank you. A more accurate question is: Have you seen users report the successful connection of 2 BMD USMR’s using a single TB3 hub? And/or 1 BMD USMR + 1 Magewell USB capture using the same TB3 hub?

  • Derrick Minyard That would be interesting. A user might confirm if they've tried that. TB3 had the bandwidth to support two TB1 devices (as the MiniRecorders are) so a hub might work assuming the bus can handle the power draw.

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