X Y position sizing angle with mouse?

Quick question. The older version I was able to resize and angle the vid frames using cntl or alt and moving the mouse.

Since Wirecast version 7 (currently using - 7.6.0 build 30841) I haven't be able to use the feature. Is it a different hotkey or something? Thanks!  ~J

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  • Hi JVonD .

    Unfortunately, this does not exist in later versions. It certainly makes working with virtual sets close to impossible. Trying to position and angle an input source to fit into appropriate locations is now harder than winning the lottery.

    I am doing some research on alternate solutions to get sources to match to the appropriate places. But there is currently no "dynamic" solution available.


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  • There were changes we needed to make to improves things in related areas which meant that that system couldn't work. 

    Perhaps it's time to investigate how to implement with out current system. Please do fill out the form and make the feature request.

    Wirecast Support Form

    BTW Try holding the shift key and grabbing an anchor point.

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  • Not quite what you're looking for but I thought I'd point it out.


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  • Yeah. Aware of that one. If it would allow moving one corner - and not just stretching, I would be happy. It needs to calculate the X/Y/Z rotation angles. And yes, its been submitted before - but even better, would be the UV maps which has also been submitted and in the feature request tracker that I maintain.

  • Greg Kuhnert Yes, moving one corner would allow one to do proper corner pinning.

  • CraigS - Moving one corner would help... but UV mapping is the most important element. Even Virtualsetworks are waiting for this to fix issues with the existing set packs that you are selling. Right now, they are un-usable.

  • Greg Kuhnert UV mapping might be more challenging to implement.

  • CraigS said:
    UV mapping might be more challenging to implement.

     Agreed. But if we talk agile software development for a moment, the end user story here is uv-mapping.

    If UV mapping allows projecting a 2D image onto a 3D surface - imagine version one of this engine could have a limitation that all 3D surfaces are flat... but still build the engine. with the foresight that it will in the future allow 3D surfaces. That solves say 60% of the use case allowing projection onto TV screens in virtual sets.

    The advantage of this approach is that later - 3D models could be defined that could be projected on that are not flat surfaces... Re-using the same initial code, instead of wasted effort for just solving the corner case (pardon the pun).


  • Greg Kuhnert The developers will prioritize as determined based on many factors. I'm sure they're well aware of the need vs other needs and resources.

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