Wirecast web display and HTML5


I've tried adding a web display shot which point to a web page where the background is a video.

See here: http://www.udiburg.com/rg/

But Wirecast 7.2 shows the video as an image and all the rest of the content below it.

Any way to solve it?

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  • Wirecast will show the entire webpage. You'd have to remove the images that overlay it or otherwise link to a clean version.

    Please do update to Wirecast 7.4 which is the current version.

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  • First, thanks for replying so fast!

    So after upgrading it shows the entire web page but the video on the background is not working on Wirecast.

    What if I need all what's in front to stay?

    That's the whole point of video as a background.

    Isn't it?


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  • My mistake, I thought you wanted to get rid of the overlay.
    I see the issue is that the video itself is not playing but the overlay countdown is.
    Do you know what format (codec and container) the video is in?

    Please do fill out the form and report the issue. Include the link to the video so our engineers can test and troubleshoot directly. You can tell them that I can confirm only the overlay plays while the background holds on a still image.

    Wirecast Support Form

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  • The video is MP4.

    Opened case 00469394.


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  • H.264 .mp4 I suspect.

    You're welcome of course. Do post back any interesting response you get from the engineers. 

    As a test, you may want to test with a YouTube URL and see what happens for comparison. Just thinking out loud but I'm wondering if it's an issue related to HTML5 coding and how the WebStream plugin sees it.

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  • YouTube works fine but it's not a background video.

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  • Udi Burg Thanks for confirming that. That's why I'm guessing there's an HTML5 coding interpretation issue (assuming the site is using HTML5 code).

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