Audio Spiking Problem

Im running the final release of the last version of Wirecast, on a Windows 10 64bit OS.  All of the sudden my live broadcast output and recordings has been having audio spikes.  Meaning all the sudden in the middle of a word it will raise the volume all the way up for a second or two.  It does it every few minutes.  It never used to do this, and I have windows updates turned off so nothing has changed.  Has anybody had this problem before, or have any ideas on what it could be?  Or what I should try to do to fix it?  

I have lots of interviews the next week and this is making it almost impossible to do them.

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  • I'd like to help but you haven't included any information. Please read READ BEFORE POSTING at the top of this product forum. Without complete information, I'd have no way of even speculating what changed or why. Maybe a bad cable or driver update. I'd need version numbers because "last version" would be 11.1.2 but "current version" would be 12.1. This is why I need specifics otherwise I'm making potentially wrong assumptions.

  • The Wirecast Version is 11.1.2.

    The cable is new, the snowball mic is new, and the drivers are all up to date.  Nothing has changed on my systems end.  I dont do any system updates once I have everything working.  And It worked fine for weeks, and now all the sudden this just started.  So yes, something clearly changed.  


    Im aware of the posting requirements, but I didnt have time to get all of them.  And what Ive found most of the time is that Wirecast issues effect lots of people.  So I was hoping somebody would have just known of a post already. 


    I will work on getting all the specifics for you this weekend, and apologize for not doing that from the start.



  • Moxu  Given that it's a commonly used mic and no other reports this may be an issue with your system.  This is especially so since you say it was working for a few weeks and you haven't done any updates. There's a lot of potential variables but without details, it's hard to guess. New cables can still go bad. Other hardware on the USB bus can have an impact.  Since updates include fixes, if you're on our support plan you should update to 12.1 and test with a new document. I'd recommend removing all other USB devices, make sure you have no other software that uses USB devices or audio running. Then do an audio-only test with the mic.

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